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1. What wonderful memories. Thank you. I was brought up in Birmingham, used to do Aston and Saltley 4 times a week, travel to Tamworth and Crewe. Father was a signalman at Grand Junction. 
2. Absolutely Super Site!. Fascinating memories which make me regret not to have kept my train spotting books etc.
3. Fantastic!. I also have trainspotting records (but alas locos only) from 1953 and photos from 1960. Now living near Cape Town, South Africa, your website makes me nostalgic in the extreme.
4. I have taken enormous pleasure from your web-site during a brief period off work though sickness. In terms of detail and refreshingly uncliched use of language, it is better than much (not all) of what appears in the enthusiast press these days.
5. I have just found your site. Wow!!! I have just read some of the logs of Kings X steam runs. As I sit here I can look out of the window and see the ECML here at Langford. How I wish it was 50 years ago. And sometimes it almost is with the steam specials that go by! Will be looking at your site in more detail later. Many thanks for such great information.
6. You are one very sad person. who clearly has problems with the real world.
Lets hope you find a better use of your time before its too late (no name supplied)
7. Just to say how much I enjoy your site especially the steam days. Although I am old enough to recall the last days of steam I have always regretted missing the 1950's with all the loco types and pre Beeching lines to see and travel on. Congratulations.
8. The performance logs are an absolute goldmine of information, as good as anything O S Nock has written.  I am particularly impressed by the runs of  5369 and King 6006. 
9. What a cracking site. Only just found it, the logs on 45237 are most interesting as I have a 3.5 inch live steam model of it, it too although now rarely steamed is a free running engine.
10. I came across your website by accident! It was intriguing to see the run of Cloister on the F.R. when she seems to gained the speed record between Minffordd and Porthmadog for Quarry Hunslets. As I was firing on that trip, I feel rather big headed!
11. Thank you for an absolutely fantastic web site! It brings back all the memories of my childhood! (Still living it)
12. Super gallery; bags of nostalgia for this old crusty. Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to post these for our pleasure.
13. Truly amazing website, reeking of smoke, steam and nostalgia.
Also: Requests and/or information on (1) The Euston to Liverpool Cunard Specials (2) West Highland Line Class 37 workings (3) Steam Railtour with 92220 & 75069 on 27/7/1985 (4) Request by 34046 Group to use 34046 sightings info (5) UK rail miles & chains. (6) Class 25 Passenger workings (7) The 1965 Warwickshire Railway Society Waverley Railtour (8) R.H.D.R Gradient profile.

I was able to assist with some, but not all, of the above.

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