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  BIRMINGHAM & WOLVERHAMPTON: Wednesday 12th January 1955:
2.00-2.45pm..At BIRMINGHAM SNOW HILL, DOWN TRAINS included 5986 passed 2.04pm on an Empty Stock working, 8486 passed 2.06pm Light Engine (to Handsworth) , at 2.12pm, the 9.45am Swansea to Birmingham arrived 3 late with 4081. 5156 arrived 2.29pm (9 late) on a local service from Lapworth, and 6116 departed 2.30pm on the 2.29pm to Wolverhampton & Wellington.

UP TRAINS included 3689 on a through Freight, 53+brake, at 2.09pm, Railcar W22 arrived from Dudley 1 early at 2.24pm, 6668 passed on a through freight, 13+brake, at 2.26pm, 4994 arrived on the Didcot Parcels at 2.36pm, and 6115 arrived on a Wolverhampton to Knowle local at 2.44pm.

2.45-4.05pm..Hauled by 5940 Whitbourne Hall from Birmingham to Wolverhampton on the 9.20am Bournemouth West to Birkenhead, with 9 coaches. Departure from Snow Hill was 2.48pm (21 late) and arrival Wolverhampton Low Level  3.11pm (24 late). At WOLVERHAMPTON, 6861 passed on a down Freight, and the 2.29pm local from Birmingham, which had been held at Handsworth Junction for the Birkenhead to precede, finally arrived at 3.25pm. The 3.20pm to Wellington left 3.33pm with 9312.

Hauled by 5044 Earl of Dunraven from Wolverhampton to Birmingham on the Up Cambrian Coast Express. Departure was 13 late (Heavy snow in Mid Wales) and the journey time to Birmingham 4.05pm in exactly 19 minutes.

4.20-5.20pm..At BIRMINGHAM NEW STREET, DOWN TRAINS included 45740 on the 2.20pm Euston to Wolverhampton (10) 4.20/4.27pm (10 late). 40541 departed 2 late on the 4.35pm Birmingham to Gloucester Eastgate (5), and 42848 left on time on the 3 coach 5.20pm to Stoke-on-Trent.

UP TRAINS included 45741 on the 3.55pm Wolverhampton to Euston (11) 4.26/4.31pm (1 late), 45561 on the 2.15pm Bristol to York (10), on time 4.35/4.42pm, 42320 Light engine, and at 4.50pm, the Cleethorpes service departed with 44841 & 61325 double heading on 5 coaches. 44870 was on the 5.00pm to Euston (10) 4.35(Stock)/5.00pm. And 46160 arrived 4 late at 5.14pm on the 10.05am Glasgow to Birmingham. 

BIRMINGHAM & COVENTRY: Wednesday 2nd February 1955:
2.10-2.30pm..40934 was seen 2.10pm on the Midland section on up Stock (4). 40003 arrived 4 late at 2.12pm on the 1.33pm Walsall to Birmingham (5)..4 late. And at 2.14pm 43734 passed through on a down Cadbury's freight.
 Hauled by 45601 from Birmingham New Street to Coventry on the 1.55pm Wolverhampton to Euston (10). With a severe p.w slowing at Lea Hall, arrival at Coventry was 4 late.

2.30-4.25pm..At Coventry, 48416 passed 3.09pm on an up class H freight (45+b). 42585 called 3.32/3.38pm on a Birmingham to Rugby local (5). R time. 44714 called 3.35/3.36pm on 1.45pm Peterborough East to Birmingham New Street, load 5 and 3 late. 41211 called on 3.15pm Nuneaton to Leamington Spa Avenue, 3 coaches plus van, 3 early in, 3 late out.

Hauled by 45647 from Coventry to Birmingham New Street on the 2.20pm Euston to Wolverhampton (10).  Arrival was 5 minutes late.

9.50-11.05am..Hauled by 6949 from Birmingham to Leamington Spa via 6949 on 9.20am Birmingham to Oxford (4), arrived Leamington 9.47am.

At Leamington, 5930 left at 10.00am on the 9.58am stopping service to Oxford, 7026 called 10.01/10.03am on 7.10am Paddington to Wolverhampton via Oxford (10 late). At 10.05am, 7912 departed on the 10.00am local to Birmingham Moor St (3).

Through Leamington Spa Avenue, 48449 passed 9.50am on Up Freight, 48018 followed at 10.13am on another up Freight, and 41227 called 10.30/10.36am on the 10.05am Push-pull from Rugby Midland. And 10.36/10.38am, 41228 called on a Rugby bound Push-pull (2). Hauled by 41228 to Rugby Midland.

11.05am-12.45pm..At Rugby, 45015 arrived 11.05am (R time) on 7.25am from Euston. 70031 passed 11.11am on the down Comet (13 coaches), to be followed at 11.18am by 45131 on down Empty Stock (11). 45528 called 11.19/11.24am on the 8.20am Manchester to Euston, and at 11.25am, 46236 arrived on the down Royal Scot, load 14 including 3 for Perth

Hauled by 46236 Rugby Midland to Crewe. Arrived Crewe 12.43pm.

CREWE STATION: 12.45pm-3.30pm: Monday 21st February 1955:
12.46pm 73012 arrived on 8.55am Cardiff to Manchester (?)..9 late
12.43/12.52pm 46236 called on 10.00am Royal Scot (14 in 11 out)
12.52pm 44766 arrived on 11.14am Derby Midland to Crewe (6)
12.54pm 70040 arrived on 11.25am Birmingham to Glasgow (10)..3 late (Loco change)
1.04pm 46203 departed on 11.25am Birmingham to Glasgow (13)..4 late
1.09pm 45501 departed on 1.05pm Crewe to Manchester (4)..4 late
1.12/1.17pm 44082 held on Freight for the Chester line (32+b)
1.15pm 45071 departed on 1.15pm Crewe to Chester (?)..R time
1.28pm 73041 brought in Stock from South sidings
1.28pm 40660 arrived with 3 Bristol to Crewe coaches (?Empty stock)
1.46/1.57pm 46240 called on 10.40am Euston to Carlisle (v+14)..2/3 late
1.53/2.03pm  45390 called on 12.10pm Birmingham to Manchester (8)..17/20 late
2.15/2.25pm 45522 called on 10.50am Euston to Blackpool/Holyhead (14/7)..R time
2.38/2.46pm 45709 & 46122 called on 11.45am Euston to Manchester/Whitehaven (15)
3.06pm dep 46138 departed on TC 11.45am Euston to Whitehaven (7)..1 late
3.11pm 46226 passed on 12.30pm Euston to Liverpool (13)
3.20pm arr 44749 arrived on 1.30pm Derby Midland to Crewe (5)..4 late
12.58/1.04pm 46155 called on 8.25am Carlisle to Euston (13)..4 late
1.12pm 42776 passed on Freight from Chester line (45+b)
12.50/1.12pm  46149 called on 11.55am Manchester to Plymouth (?)..5 late
1.45pm 48764 passed on up Freight
1.49pm 45634 arrived on Southbound Parcels (5v)
1.59pm  90205 (tender first) arrived on Transfer Freight for North shed
2.00pm 45028 passed on Southbound Freight (45+b)
2.06pm 46138 arrived on 11.00am Windermere to Crewe (8)..3 early
2.32pm 41159 arrived on 1.18pm Manchester to Crewe (5)..4 late
2.49pm 46256 passed on Southbound Royal Scot (11)
2.57pm 46110 passed on 2.10pm Liverpool to Euston (13)
3.15pm 46254 arrived on 10.05am Glasgow to Birmingham (11)..10 early
3.22/3.29pm 45578 called on 12.45pm Bangor to Euston (11)..5 late
3.28pm 42316 departed on 3.28pm Crewe to Shrewsbury (?)..R time
3.35pm 46106 departed on 10.05am Glasgow to Birmingham (10)..2 late
Hauled by 46106 from Crewe to Birmingham on 10.05am ex Glasgow

BIRMINGHAM: Wednesday 23rd February 1955: 3.20-3.35pm:
At BIRMINGHAM NEW STREET: 44773 arrived on the 11.40am Liverpool to Birmingham..29 late. 45670 was waiting to leave on 3.55pm to Liverpool & Manchester. 73030 was in the Midland side of the station.

At BIRMINGHAM SNOW HILL: Up trains included 5958 on the 3.45pm to Swansea, 5165 on a Wolverhampton to Knowle local (3) arr 3.49pm, 1016 on the Up Cambrian Coast Express (7+2v)..4 late, and 4987 on the 4.05pm Birmingham to Oxford & Paddington Passenger/Parcels. Down trains included 6866 on 3.45pm to Herford (5), 5110 on the 3.45pm to Kidderminster (3). 8700 followed on a transfer freight for Hockley

HALESOWEN JUNCTION & KINGS NORTON: Saturday 26th February 1955:
3.10-3.35pm..At HALESOWEN JUNCTION: 3.11pm 48400 passed on Up Freight (21+b) to be followed at 3.15pm by 42791 on another Up Freight (13+b). At 3.18pm 48417 (tender first) passed on a Freight for Austins (22+b). And at 3.24pm 58138 also heading for Austins, passed Light Engine.

At KINGS NORTON: An unidentified 5MT 4-6-0 called 3.40/3.48pm on 1.51pm Gloucester to Birmingham (5 early/2 late). 43712 passed Light Engine heading south, to be followed by another light engine, 41077, at 4.05pm. The 3.25pm Ashchurch to Birmingham (via Redditch) called 4.05/4.07pm. 

BIRMINGHAM & RUGELEY: Wednesday 9th March 1955: 2.55-6.55pm:
At BIRMINGHAM NEW STREET: 45545 arrived 2.57pm on the 12.50pm Euston to Wolverhampton (10)..7 late. Hauled by 41279 Birmingham New Street to Rugeley Trent Valley on the 3.00pm service.

At RUGELEY TRENT VALLEY: 48761 passed on up Freight (46+b) at 4.25pm, 44832 passed on a down Freight (63+b) at 4.29pm. At 4.50/4.57pm, 45529 called on 4.32pm Stafford to Nuneaton local. At 4.53pm 46110 passed on the 2.30pm Euston to Liverpool (15), and at 5.03pm, 46240 headed south on a Perth/Workington to Euston (13). Hauled by 41279 Rugeley Trent Valley to Birmingham New Street on the 5.20pm service, arriving at 6.53pm.  

BARNT GREEN & BROMSGROVE: Sunday 13th March 1955:
3.40pm 45641 passed Blackwell 3.40pm on 1.20pm Bristol to York (9)..11 late
4.00pm 43924 was on P.W Duty at Bromsgrove on a Ballast train
BARNT & BROMSGROVE: Saturday 19th March 1955:
3.08pm 45660 passed Barnt Green 3.08pm on the northbound Devonian..34 late
3.10pm 42387 departed Barnt Green on 2.31pm Redditch to Birmingham (3)..24 late
3.35pm 44851 passed Blackwell on 1.51pm Gloucester to Birmingham..2 late
4.23pm 45685 passed Bromsgrove on 2.15pm Bristol to York..13 late
4.27pm 45682 passed Bromsgrove on 12.30pm York to Bristol (10)..R time
4.53pm 42796 passed Bromsgrove on a Southbound Parcels (16v)
4.53/4.54pm 73048 called Bromsgrove 4.53/4.54pm on 4.25pm Worcester to Derby..RT
5.17/5.18pm 40426 called Bromsgrove on 4.35pm Birmingham to Gloucester..9 late
5.29pm 44435 left Bromsgrove Yard 5.29pm on up Freight. Banked by 58100
5.31pm 44264 passed Bromsgrove on down Freight (42+b)[
Banking engines in use were 58100, 47502, 47565, 47305, 47425, 47301, 47308, 47565.

BIRMINGHAM & SHREWSBURY: Wednesday 30th March 1955:
12.00-1.35pm..At BIRMINGHAM SNOW HILL, 6011 departed 12.02pm on 8.55am Birkenhead to Paddington (13)..2 late. 6989 arrived 12.06pm on the 8.35am Cardiff to Birmingham (5)..1 late. 4146 was shunting Parcels vans at 12.10pm, and 5035 called 12.23/12.26pm on the down 10.10am Cambrian Coast Express (7)..13 late. Hauled by 5035 Birmingham Snow Hill to Shrewsbury. Arrival at Shrewsbury was at 1.31pm, 14 late.
1.35-3.10pm..At SHREWSBURY: 5054 arrived 1.35pm on 11.40am from Hereford..2 late. 6961 arrived 1.37pm on the 11.45pm Birkenhead to Paddington (8). Railcar no 7 left on the 1.45pm to Bridgnorth and Kidderminster. 1025 took over the 11.45am from Birkenhead, departing 2 late at 1.45pm (11). Also seen in the ten minute spell at Shrewsbury was 43757.

Hauled by 1025 from Shrewsbury to Wolverhampton, then by 6021 from Wolverhampton to Birmingham Snow Hill, arriving 3.06pm, 11 late

BIRMINGHAM & STRATFORD: Friday 1st April 1955: 3.00-6.00pm:
At BIRMINGHAM SNOW HILL, 6007 departed 3.04pm on 11.45am Birkenhead to Paddington (11)..4 late. 6313 left at 3.25pm on the Didcot Parcels (18v). 4993 called 3.33/3.38pm on the 8.36am Margate to Birkenhead (10)..9 late. 3860 passed northbound at 3.43pm on Freight (Iron Ore), and 4078 departed on time on the 3.45pm Birmingham to Swansea. Hauled by 4078 Birmingham to Stratford on Avon.
At STRATFORD ON AVON, 4953 passed on a Southbound freight at 4.25pm, and Railcar W26 was working the 4.38pm to Leamington Spa. Hauled by 5192 Stratford on Avon to Tyseley on the 4.23pm to Birmingham Moor Street, and by 5107 from Tyseley to Birmingham Snow Hill. 3012 was seen at Tyseley on an  Iron Ore working at 5.20pm. 4085 worked the 5.25pm Birmingham Snow Hill to Oxford (6), passing Tyseley at 5.31pm. 44664 was in Bordesley yards at 5.50pm, and at Snow Hill, 6021 worked the 2.40pm Birkenhead to Paddington, on time at 6.00pm.

Locomotives seen in the Loco Yards 1.00pm included 5091 ( for the 1.44pm Wolverhampton) 7825 (for the down Cambrian Coast Express), 73038, 90356, 3011 & 3016 (ROD class), 4915, 6944, 6858, and 6382. 
1.45pm 9301 arrived on 11.45am Birkenhead to Paddington (8)..10 late. Loco change
1.49pm Railcar W10 departed on 1.45pm to Bridgnorth & Kidderminster..4 late 
1.55pm 5091 departed on 11.45am Birkenhead to Paddington (11)..12 late
1.42pm 42972 passed on Freight to Abbey Foregate yard.
2.04pm 45293 arrived on 11.55am Manchester to Plymouth (9+v)..6 early
2.34pm 7020 departed on 11.55am Manchester to Plymouth (9+v)..10 late
1.25pm approx 5056 had arrived on Down Cambrian Coast Express (7) 
1.36pm 7020 arrived on 11.40am Hereford to Shrewsbury (4)..3 late
1.55pm 75005 passed on Empties to Llynclys Junction.
2.00pm 3602 passed on Transfer Freight.
2.02pm 45190 arrived on 10.45am Swansea Victoria to Shrewsbury (4)..2 early
2.30pm 4094 arrived on 11.10am Paddington to Birkenhead (8)..7 late
2.33pm 7309 arrived on Up Cambrian Coast Express (7)..R time
2.35-5.20pm..Hauled by 7020 Gloucester Castle from Shrewsbury to Hereford on 1.55am Manchester to Plymouth. Arrival at Hereford was 3.41pm..1 late.

At Hereford, 6900 arrived 3.45pm on the 2.00pm from Cardiff. 46512 left on the 4.05pm to Brecon. 5081 and 6866 were being prepared for the 4.48pm to Paddington and 4.33pm to Birmingham Snow Hill. 1016 called 4.03/4.10pm on the 7.30am Penzance to Manchester (8). Hauled by 1016 from Hereford to Shrewsbury.

5.52pm 44945 departed on 5.50pm Shrewsbury to Stafford (4)..2 late
6.28pm 73034 departed on 6.25pm Shrewsbury to Hereford (5)..3 late
6.24/6.30pm 1008 called on 4.30pm Birkenhead to Paddington (8)..4 late
5.30pm 46122 took over 7.30am Penzance to Manchester (8), dep 5.30pm..R time
5.47/5.55pm 1024 called 5.47/5.55pm on 2.10pm Paddington to Birkenhead (7)..5 late
5.56pm Unidentified 28xx 2-8-0 passed on Northbound Freight from Hereford line
6.02pm 7308 passed on Northbound Freight from Herford line (38+b)
6.28pm 5167 arrived on 4.23pm from Kidderminster..13 late
SHREWSBURY to BIRMINGHAM: 6.30pm-8.00pm:
6.30-8.00pm..Hauled by 1008 Shrewsbury to Wolverhampton and 4902 Wolverhampton to Birmingham Snow Hill, both on the 4.30pm Birkenhead to Paddington. 


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