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CREECH ST MICHAEL: 7.05am-8.40am:
7.35am: 5060 Earl of Berkeley passed on West of England Mail
8.11am: 5503 called on 7.08am Yeovil-Taunton (3)
8.18am: 4088 Dartmouth Castle passed on 10.25pm Manchester-Penzance 
8.21am: 2881 passed on Empty "Ocean Liner Express" stock (8+v)
8.26am: 6995 Benthall Hall passed on West of England Parcels (13v)
8.39am: 6938 Corndean Hall called on 6.55am Bristol-Taunton (4+3m+v)
7.10am: 6875 Hindford Grange called on 7.00am Taunton-Bristol (5)
7.15am: 4664 (0-6-0PT) passed on up Freight (slow line)
7.17am: 1362 (0-6-0ST) passed up Light Engine (main line)
8.00am: 6864 Dymock Grange passed on 7.50am Taunton-Paddington 
8.28am: An unidentified 93xx class 2-6-0 passed on up Freight (46+b)
9.08am: 6800 Arlington Grange passed NF on Paddington-Newton Abbot Mail (12v)
9.21am: 5323 passed NF on up Freight (43+b)
9.28am: 6009 King Charles II passed NF on 7.15am Plymouth-Paddington (10)
10.53am: 5053 Earl Cairns passed TJ on The Devonian, Paignton-Bradford (11)
10.57am: 5571 departed TJ (from Bay platform) on up Freight
DOWN LINE (Up Southern):
11.48am: 5994 Roydon Hall passed on down Freight
11.58am 31833 + 30710 passed on Plymouth/Cornwall portion of the "ACE" (6)
12.06pm: 4930 Hagley Hall passed on relief service to Paignton (10)
12.12pm: 34031 Torrington passed on Ilfracombe portion of the "ACE" (5)
12.17pm: 1468 passed on 11.10am Dulverton-Exeter (2) 
12.26pm: 4096 Highclere Castle passed on 7.30am Paddington-Paignton (12)
12.37pm: 34002 Salisbury passed on 11.00am Plymouth Friary-Brighton (10)
12.47pm: 2844 passed on down Freight (load 46+b)
12.59pm: 6029 King Edward VIII passed on 9.30am Paddington-Plymouth (9)
1.32pm: 6994 Baggrave Hall passed on 12.20pm Taunton-Exeter (4+2w)
1.43pm: 6026 King John passed on 10.30am "Cornish Riviera Express" (12)
UP LINE (Down Southern):
12.05pm: 5362 passed on 11.47am Exeter Central-Plymouth Friary (5+6v)
12.10pm: 4084 Aberystwyth Castle passed on 7.30am Penzance-Manchester (11)
12.21pm: 7761 (0-6-0PT) passed on up Pick-up Freight (1+b)
12.45pm: 5058 Earl of Clancarty passed on up "Torbay Express" (10)
12.55pm: 5075 Gladiator passed on 7.55am Penzance-Swansea (9)
1.01pm: 1449 passed on 12.54pm Exeter-Dulverton (2)
1.05pm: 6978 Haroldstone Hall passed on 1.00pm Exeter-Taunton (6)
1.07pm: 6343 passed up Light Engine
1.25pm: 34056 Croydon passed on 9.00am Waterloo-Plymouth Friary (4)
1.40pm: 34060 25 Squadron passed on 9.00am Waterloo-Barnstaple (3)
1.48pm: 6010 King Charles 1 passed on Up "Cornish Riviera Express" (12)
EXETER ST DAVIDS: 2.00pm-2.40pm:
DOWN LINE (Up Southern):
2.07pm: 34062 17 Squadron called on 11.35am Plymouth Friary-Waterloo (5)
2.12pm: 5024 Tiverton Castle called on Down "Cornishman" (12)
2.20pm: 34029 Lundy called on 12.20pm Ilfracombe-Waterloo (5)
2.24pm: 7000 Viscount Portal called on Wolverhampton-Paignton relief (8)
UP LINE (Down Southern): 
2.06pm: 5078 Beaufort arrived on Kingswear portion of up "Cornishman" (4)
2.14pm: 5934 Kneller Hall arrived on Penzance portion of up "Cornishman" (6)
2.21pm: 34033 Chard called on 11.00am Waterloo-Ilfracombe "ACE" (5)
2.26pm: 5078 Beaufort left on up "Cornishman" (10)
2.30pm: 34032 Camelford called on 11.00am Waterloo-Plymouth/Cornwall "ACE" (7)
2.36pm: 5060 Earl of Berkeley called on 1.10pm Plymouth-Liverpool (5+2v)
Other locomotives seen at Exeter St Davids were 5003 Lulworth Castle, 7027 Thornbury Castle, 5976 Ashwicke Hall, and 0-6-0PT's nos 9629 and 9765.
1015 County of Gloucester was seen passing Starcross at 3.01pm on the 1.50pm Kingswear-Paddington (TC) (5)
Britannia class 4-6-2 nos 70022 Tornado and 70024 Vulcan. 
King class 4-6-0 no 6022 King Edward III.
Castle class 4-6-0 nos 5019 Treago Castle, 5024 Carew Castle, 5028 Llantilio Castle, 5038 Morlais Castle, 5059 Earl St Aldwyn, 5071 Spitfire, 5098 Clifford Castle.
County class 4-6-0 no 1010 County of Caernarvon.
Hall/Modified Hall class 4-6-0 nos 4930 Hagley Hall, 6933 Birtles Hall, 7905 Fowey Hall.
Grange class 4-6-0 nos 6822 Manton Grange, 6827 Llanfrechfa Grange, 6836 Estevarney Grange.
Manor class 4-6-0 nos 7806 Cockington Manor, 7812 Erlestoke Manor.
28xx class 2-8-0 nos 2809, 2844.
22xx class 0-6-0 no 2208.
51xx class 2-6-2T nos 4145, 5103, 5113, 5196.
45xx class 2-6-2T nos 4583, 5557.
44xx class 2-6-2T nos 4405, 4406.
Std 82xxx 2-6-2T nos 82009, 82033.
14xx class 0-4-2T nos 1439, 1470.
2 x 57xx 0-6-0PT, 1 x 94xx 0-6-0PT, 1 x 16xx 0-6-0PT, 1 x 74xx 0-6-0PT.

 Total 39 locos  

Hall class 4-6-0 no 6940 Didlington Hall
43xx class 2-6-0 no 6319
31xx class 2-6-2T no 3186
4 x 45xx 2-6-2T
3 x 0-6-0PT
34030 Watersmeet arrived at NEWTON ABBOT STATION on the 3.15pm ex Plymouth. 
DOWN LINE (Up Southern):
5.45pm: 82018 passed on Crediton-Exeter Milk (3m)
5.58pm: 5967 Bickmarsh Hall passed on Bradford-Paignton relief (10)
6.18pm: 30709 passed on Freight from Torrington (27+b)
6.29pm: 4098 Kidwelly Castle passed on "Devonian" (Bradford-Paignton) (12)
6.33pm: 1449 passed on 5.25pm Dulverton-Exeter (2)
6.42pm: 2845 passed on down Freight (29)
6.50pm: 6027 King Richard I passed on 3.30pm Paddington-Penzance (10)
6.53pm: 34060 25 Squadron passed on 4.48pm Ilfracombe-Exeter Central (3+2v)
7.10pm: 5362 passed on 4.40pm Plymouth Friary-Eastleigh (4+3v)
7.27pm: 31813 passed on Up Empty Stock
UP LINE (Down Southern):
5.50pm: 6021 King Richard II passed on 1.20pm Penzance-Paddington (10+2v)
6.02pm: 1429 passed on 5.55pm Exeter-Dulverton (2)
6.06pm: 31845 passed on 5.52pm Exeter Central-Okehampton (4+1m)
6.15pm: 6387 passed on 5.15pm Newton Abbot-Taunton (6+v)
6.36pm: 5021 Whittington Castle passed on 12.20pm Penzance Milk (11m)
6.46pm: 34051 Winston Churchill passed on down Empty stock (8)
6.49pm: 5019 Treago Castle passed on up Empty stock (10)
6.57pm: 75025 passed on 3.00pm Waterloo-Plymouth Friary (5)
7.07pm: 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair passed on 3.00pm Waterloo-Ilfracombe (5)
Day ended 7.30pm