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34027 Taw Valley called at Whimple 11.18am on the 11.00am Exeter-Yeovil (3+v)
30823 (S15 4-6-0) called at Whimple 11.41am on the 10.16am Yeovil Jc-Exeter (5+3v)
82025 left Sidmouth Junction 11.50am on a Sidmouth branch service.
35001 Channel Packet passed Honiton 12.22pm on the 10.00am Plymouth-Waterloo (12)  
34003 Plymouth arrived Honiton 1.11pm on the 12.42pm from Exeter Central (2)
35003 Royal Mail 35004 Cunard White Star
35013 Blue Star (70A) 35015 Rotterdam Lloyd (70A)
35023 Holland-Africa Line 35024 East Asiatic Company
35029 Ellerman Lines (73A)
34002 Salisbury 34013 Okehampton
34014 Budleigh Salterton 34015 Exmouth
34016 Bodmin 34023 Blackmore Vale
34024 Tamar Valley 34025 Whimple
34026 Yes Tor 34028 Eddystone
34033 Chard 34034 Honiton
34049 Anti-Aircraft Command (72B) 34050 Royal Observer Corps (72B)
34051 Winston Churchill (72B) 34055 Fighter Pilot (72B)
34057 Biggin Hill 34058 Sir Frederick Pyle
34060 25 Squadron 34061 73 Squadron
34069 Hawkinge (73A)
CLASS S15 4-6-0: 30823,30832,30841,30842,30843,30844,30845. 
CLASS H15 4-6-0: 30331,30332.
CLASS N 2-6-0: 31831,31833,31834,31835,31836,31837,31843,31844,31846,31847.
CLASS T9 4-4-0: 30709,30711,30712,30715.
CLASS 700 0-6-0: 30691,30315 (both Snow-plough fitted)
CLASS 0395 0-6-0: 30564 (Snow-plough fitted) 
CLASS Z 0-8-0T: 30954 (Collision damage)
CLASS E1/R 0-6-2T: 32124,32135,32695,32697.
CLASS 0415 4-4-2T: 30582,30584.
CLASS M7 0-4-4T: 30021,30024,30025,30045,30323,30374,30667,30668,30669,30671,30676.
CLASS 02 0-4-4T: 30199,30232.
CLASS 82xxx BR 2-6-2T: 82011,82017,82018,82023.
Notes: 35029 and 34069 were Stewarts Lane (73A) locos, unusual in the west. 35024 and 34024 were in the Repair Shops: 34050 and 30954 had suffered collision damage. 78 locos in total were on shed.

34021 Dartmoor passed Cowley Bridge 10.11am on 8.15am Plymouth-Waterloo 
6010 King Charles I passed Cowley Bridge11.31am on the 7.30am Truro-Paddington
34014 Budleigh Salterton passed Cowley 11.41am on the 8.08am Salisbury-Ilfracombe
1449 passed Cowley Bridge11.44am on the 11.40am Exeter-Dulverton
4970 Sketty Hall passed Cowley 11.46am on a down Paignton additional service
34032 Camelford arrived Exeter Central 12.12pm on the 9.50am Plymouth-Waterloo
34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair arrived Exeter Central 12.24pm on the 10.30am Ilfracombe
35023 Holland-Afrika Line departed Exeter Central 12.30pm on the up "ACE" (12)
30453 King Arthur seen near Sherborne on 12.36pm Salisbury-Exeter Central
34045 Ottery St Mary, 34054 Lord Beaverbrook, 34056 Croydon were on Salisbury shed
30857 Lord Howe (ex 10.54am Waterloo) and 32332 Stroudley were on Salisbury shed
35023 Holland-Afrika Line departed Salisbury, load now 13, on the "ACE" at 2.16pm
34055 Fighter Pilot arrived Salisbury 2.19pm on the 11.54am ex Waterloo (5)
34030 Watersmeet arrived Salisbury 2.47pm on the 11.00am Plymouth-Brighton (11)
34003 Plymouth worked the Plymouth portion of the 1.00pm Waterloo, from Exeter 
34004 Yeovil worked the Ilfracombe portion of the 1.00pm Waterloo, from Exeter
31790 departed Exeter Central 4.44pm on the retimed 4.35pm to Salisbury (7+2v)
30044 (M7 0-4-4T) departed Exeter Central 4.47pm on the 4.45pm to Exmouth (5)
75025 arrived Exeter Central 5.11pm on the 2.23pm from Plymouth Friary (4+3v)
32124 (E1/R 0-6-2T) was seen on Exeter Central banking duties.
Hauled by 35023 from Exeter Central to Salisbury on the Atlantic Coast Express,and on the return..Hauled by English Electric diesel no 10000 on the 1.00pm Waterloo to the west.
STARCROSS: 5.40pm to 7.20pm:
5.44pm (Up) 6385 passed on 5.15pm Newton Abbot-Taunton
5.47pm (Down) 7316 passed on 5.30pm Exeter-Newton Abbot
6.00pm (Up) 6912 Helmster Hall passed on  Kensington Milk train
6.10pm (Down) 34032 Camelford passed on 4.30pm Taunton-Newton Abbot
6.20pm (Up) 34062 17 Squadron passed on 4.32pm Plymouth-Exeter
6.30pm (Down) 7000 Viscount Portal passed on Bradford-Paignton "Devonian" (11)
6.41pm (Up) 2897 passed on Parcels train (15v)
7.03pm (Up) 5041 Tiverton Castle passed on 6.30pm Newton Abbot-Exeter (5)
7.16pm (Down) 6009 King Charles II passed on 3.30pm Paddington-Penzance..19 late

EXETER ST DAVIDS: 10.05am-10.40am:
10.09am: 34060 25 Squadron called on 8.10am Ilfracombe-Waterloo 
10.11am: 4056 Princess Margaret arrived on 6.55am Bristol-Exter (5)
10.14am: 4946 Moseley Hall called on Paignton-Bristol relief (10)
10.17am: 34069 Hawkinge called on 8.15am Plymouth Friary-Waterloo (6)
10.21am: 5917 Westminster Hall called on Paignton-Sheffield relief (10) 
10.32am: 3800 passed on down Freight
10.35am: 4136 was waiting to depart on 10.35am Exeter to Taunton
10.35am: 5059 Earl St Aldwyn called on The Devonian (Paignton-Bradford)
EXETER to TAUNTON and RETURN: 10.35am-10.40am:
Hauled by 5059 Exeter St Davids to Taunton on 5059 on the Up Devonian (13)..8 late (15 late Taunton).

At Taunton, 5506 departed 11.29am on 11.20am Taunton to Yeovil. 4085 departed 11.37am on 11.35am Taunton to Bristol (2 late), 5501 arrived 11.50am (1 early) on 10.50am ex Minehead.

Hauled by 6977 Taunton to Exeter St Davids on 7.30am Paddington to Paignton (12), dep 11.50am, arrived Exeter 12.26pm. 

EXETER ST DAVIDS: 12.30pm-1.15pm: 
34031 Torrington arrived 12.39pm (5 early) on 11.00am Plymouth Friiary-Brighton (10), then 5079 called 12.48/12.52 (12)..13 late on the up "Torbay Express". The 7.55am Penzance to Swansea arrived 12.55pm with 6814 Enborne Grange piloting 1009 County of Carmarthen. The pilot came off. 
Hauled by 5092 Exeter to Plymouth on the 9.30am Paddington to Plymouth (9), assisted from Totnes by 5964.
PLYMOUTH NORTH ROAD: 2.30pm-4.00pm: 
DOWN LINE (Up Southern):
2.36pm: 75025 called on 2.25pm Plymouth Friary-Exeter Central
2.53pm: 6029 plus pilot 6977 arrived on 10.30am Cornish Riviera Exp (12)
3.05pm: 4992 took over the Cornish Riviera, leaving 15 late (10)
3.08pm: 6407 departed on 3.00pm Plymouth- Saltash (2)
3.11pm: 6023 arrived on 10.35am Paddington-Penzance relief (8).
3.20pm: 6860 departed on 10.35am Paddington-Penzance (8)
3.33pm: 5071 Spitfire arrived on the down Cornishman (6+van)
3.40pm: 7925 Westol Hall departed on the down Cornishman (6+van)
3.47pm: 6407 departed with the 3.45pm Plymouth-Liskeard (2)
3.47pm: 5552 arrived on Launceston-Plymouth service (2+2 vans)
4.03pm: 34037 Clovelly departed on 3.50pm Plymouth Friary-Waterloo (5)
UP LINE (Down Southern):
3.20pm: 34028 Eddystone passed on down Southern freight (17+b) 
3.35pm: 5947 Saint Benet's Hall + 4947 Nanhoran Hall left on the 3.35pm to Cardiff
3.32pm: 6837 Forthampton Grange arrived on 12.00pm Penzance-Manchester (5+5v)
3.40pm: 34036 Westward Ho arrived on Portsmouth-Plymouth extra (9)
3.45pm: 1018 County of Leicester arrived on up Penzance mail (7v)
3.57pm: 6301 passed on up freight (17+b)
4.00pm: 6008 King James II arrived from Laira shed to work 4.10pm to Paddington
  PLYMOUTH to EXETER ST DAVIDS: 4.00pm-5.55pm:
Hauled by 34037 Plymouth North Rd to Exeter Central on 3.50pm Plymouth Friary to Waterloo. At EXETER ST DAVIDS, 82025 arrived 5.49pm on Up Crediton Milk train, 6008 arrived 5.44pm on 1.20pm Penzance-Paddington. 5041 worked a Relief Kingswear to Paddington.

  BIRMINGHAM-COVENTRY: Monday 20th June 1955: 10.10-1.35am:
At BIRMINGHAM NEW STREET: 45699 departed 10.11am on 7.35am Bristol to Bradford..R time. Hauled by 45733 Birmingham New Street to Coventry on 9.45am Wolverhampton to Euston (10)..R time. 45592 was seen at Tile Hill on 8.50am Euston to Wolverhampton, running on time.

At COVENTRY: 42562 departed 10.55am for Rugby, and at 11.03am, 48658 passed on Freight (Coal) to the Leamington line.

Hauled by 45737 Coventry to Birmingham New Street on 9.00am Euston to Wolverhampton (11)..arr 1 late.

8.30am-1.50pm..Hauled by 45647 Birmingham New Street to Euston on 7.55am Wolverhampton to Euston (load 11..arr 10.26am..4 early). 10000 (Diesel Electric), and 73041 were seen on the approach to Euston.

Hauled by 34066 Charing Cross to Dover and Deal on the 11.15am Charing Cross to Margate.(10 to Dover, then 4)..2 late Deal.

68972 was seen at New Cross; 30905, 33031, and 15223 at Tonbridge. 31867 at Ashford on a weed killing train; 31010, 13043, 30955, & 30952 in Ashford yards, 34088 at Folkestone, 42068 & 42077 at Dover Priory. Outside Dover shed were 30797 & 30798. At Deal, 31902 was on a southbound freight. 

3.10-5.05pm..31329 departed Deal on the 3.13pm Push-pull to Minster (3)

Hauled by 30924 from Deal to Dover and Ashford on 2.42pm Margate to Cannon Street, via Redhill. 31771 was seen at Dover, 34088 (again) and 34091 at Folkestone Junction, the latter having worked the down Golden Arrow, 42095 with the 2coaches off the 7.35am Birkenhead. At Folkestone Central, 42017 worked the 4.17pm Shorncliffe to Minster. At Sandling, 31219 was on a down Freight. At Ashford 31855 was in the down yards, and 31774 left at 4.55pm on a Hastings service. 42071 left 5.04pm for Maidstone. service at 5.04pm

5.05-8.55pm..Hauled by 34083 Ashford to Charing Cross on the 3.25pm from Margate (11). 34096 was seen at Grove Park on the 5.45pm Cannon Street to Ramsgate. 32553 and 31553 were seen near London Bridge.

Hauled by 45742 Euston to Birmingham New Street on the 6.55pm Euston to Wolverhampton (10). 80037 and 47520 were on stock workings at Euston. At Camden shed were 46203, 70033, 70049, 46168, 46153, 46155, and 45643.