Kingmoor and Upperby: 1964

On 28th November 1964, the Warwickshire Railway Society Carlisle railtour from Birmingham included visits to both Kingmoor and Upperby sheds. Below is the result of a few photographs taken during the afternoon. Creating decent pictures from 40 year old worn transparencies requires better image manipulation skills than I possess. But at least they do capture the atmosphere of Kingmoor at the time, with rows of condemned locomotives, and the poor condition of the rest. Towards the foot of this page, I have included details of what was seen on 68A and 12A sheds, and in the vicinity of Carlisle.       

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Left: Inside Kingmoor shed looking out. A Clan 4-6-2 is to the left, and Britannia no 70022 Tornado to the right. 

Right:  Another view of 70022 Tornado.


Left:  The Scrap line, and sadly A3 4-6-2 no 60041 Salmon Trout is in it.

Right: A view of the north end of Kingmoor shed. A Black 5 and a Standard 5 are prominent. 


Left:  46160 Queen Victorias Rifleman will haul the Warwickshire Railway Society special over the S & C to Leeds.

Right: 70013, 40 years later to become a celebrity, is in poor condition in 1964. 


Left: More decrepit looking engines. A Black 5 and a Jubilee. 

Right: Several Britannias were on shed. This is another in dreadful external condition. 


Left: A line up of locomotives to the south of Kingmoor shed. Two more Britannias and a EE type 2 diesel electric.  

Right: A Jubilee and a Patriot rebuild, the latter in better condition.


Left:  A Black 5 catches a little sunlight inside Upperby shed.

Right: A general view of Upperby yards. Spot the Brits and Condemned Semis. By this time the light was very poor. 

Details of locomotives seen are shown below.
 KINGMOOR SHED:  Locomotives seen included: BRITANNIA CLASS 4-6-2: 70003 John Bunyan, 70005 John Milton, 70007 Coeur-de-Lion, 70008 Black Prince, 70011 Hotspur, 70013 Oliver Cromwell, 70022 Tornado, 70035 Rudyard Kipling, 70041 Sir John Moore. CLAN CLASS 4-6-2: 72005 Clan Macgregor, 72006 Clan Mackenzie, 72007 Clan Mackintosh, 72008 Clan Macleod, 72009 Clan Stewart.  ROYAL SCOT CLASS 4-6-0: 46160 Queen Victoria's Rifleman, PATRIOT (REBUILT) CLASS 4-6-0: 45512 Bunsen, 45526 Morecambe and Heysham, 45531 Sir Frederick Harrison. JUBILEE CLASS 4-6-0: 45574 India, 45584 North West Frontier, 45588 Kashmir, 45626 Seychelles, 45742 Connaught. A3 CLASS 4-6-2: 60041 Salmon Trout, 60100 Spearmint, B1 CLASS 4-6-0: 61324, plus 64 other locos...TOTAL 90.
 UPPERBY SHED:  Locomotives seen  included: CORONATION CLASS 4-6-2: 46225 Duchess of Gloucester, 46226 Duchess of Norfolk, 46237 City of Bristol, 46238 City of Carlisle, 46244 King George VI, 46250 City of Lichfield, 46255 City of Hereford, 46257 City of Salford. BRITANNIA CLASS 4-6-2: 700029 Shooting Star, 70048 The Territorial Army 1908-1958, 70049, ROYAL SCOT CLASS 4-6-0: 46110 Grenadier Guardsman, 46115 Scots Guardsman, 46132 The King's Regiment Liverpool, 46166 London Rifle Brigade. PATRIOT (REBUILT) CLASS 4-6-0: 45532 Illustrious. JUBILEE CLASS 4-6-0: 45563 Australia, 45613 Kenya, 45635 Tobago, 45640 Frobisher, 45736 Phoenix (rebuilt), plus 22 other locos...TOTAL 43. 

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