Ffestiniog Railway 2004

The main events on the Ffestiniog Railway during 2004 were 1) THE INTERACTIVE WEEKEND, which took place from the 1st-3rd May. 2) The commissioning of a CROSSING LOOP AT TANYGRISIAU, which was used to cross two afternoon services in the peak summer  timetable, and 3) the Vintage weekend,  TAN Y BWLCH OR BUST, held on 25th and 26th September.

Having attended each of the previous Interactive weekends, this year I gave it a miss, but I did spend several sunny August afternoons at Tanygrisiau, and witnessed the crossing of double headed services hauled by 1) Prince and Linda, and 2) Taliesin and Mountaineer. Have 4 locomotives ever been seen simultaneously at Tanygrisiau before?

The Vintage weekend in September was not accompanied by good weather, although the preceding Friday evening shunt did see the sun.  


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Left: 24th August 2004 (14.52) The new Boston Lodge shunter, not yet named, on the Cob with the Oil Tank empties.    

Right: 25th August 2004 (12.18) David Lloyd George takes water at Tan y Bwlch on the 11.30 service from Porthmadog.


Left: 25th August 2004 (14.54) Prince and Linda are seen double heading the 13.40 from Porthmadog into Tanygrisiau.

Right: 25th August 2004 (15.32) The same combination returned on the 15.15 service from Blaenau Ffestiniog. 


Left: 27th August 2004 (14.48) Mountaineer and Taliesin are at Tanygrisiau on the 14.35 service from Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Right: 28th August 2004 (15.32) Linda arrives Tanygrisiau on the 14.30 from Porthmadog.


Left: 24th September 2004 (17.26) David Lloyd George has finished for the day and is approaching Boston Lodge shed.

Right: 24th September 2004 (17.28) The Simplex, Mary Ann, leaves Boston Lodge for an appointment at Harbour station. 


Left: 24th September 2004 (17.30) David Lloyd George is back on shed. 

Right: 24th September 2004 (18.03) Mary Ann is leaving Harbour station with empty stock for Boston Lodge. 


Left: 25th September 2004 (14.13) In the rain, the Simplex, Mary Ann, shunts stock at Harbour station.

Right: 25th September 2004 (16.53) David Lloyd George comes off the Cob into Port on the 16.05 service from Tan y Bwlch. 


Left: 25th September 2004 (16.53) At Port, Moelwyn awaits it's next duty, the 17.15 Slates to Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Right: 25th September 2004 (17.00) Earl of Merioneth approaches Harbour station on the late running 15.15 from Blaenau.


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