Ffestiniog Fifty Weekend 2005


 Ffestiniog Fifty weekend  29th April to 3rd May 2005

featuring Darjeeling Himalayan Railway no 19

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29/4/2005..17.39 Porthmagog Harbour

29/4/2005..17.47 Porthmagog Harbour

29/4/2005..17.49 Porthmagog Harbour


29/4/2005..18.41 Porthmadog Cob

30/4/2005..12.17 Porthmagog Harbour

30/4/2005..14.01 Boston Lodge


30/04/2005..14.35 Porthmagog Harbour

30/04/2005..14.39 Porthmagog Harbour

30/4/2005..14.49 Porthmadog Cob


30/4/2005..16.17 Porthmagog Harbour

30/4/2005..18.21 Porthmadog Cob

2/5/2005..09.51 Tan-y-Bwlch



3/5/2005..08.43 Porthmagog Harbour

3/5/2005..08.46 Porthmagog Harbour

3/5/2005..09.06 Porthmadog Cob

29th April 2005:The first 4 pictures were taken during the "Friday evening shunt" at Porthmagog Harbourhmadog Harbour station and on Porthmadog Cob. Friday was a day of glorious sunshine. Not so Saturday 30th April, when it rained heavily until mid afternoon. Sunday 1st May was a blank day for photography, but on Monday 2nd May, I took a trip on no 19 to Tan-y-Bwlch and back. It didn't rain, but sunshine was scarce. On Tuesday 3rd May, no 19 ran a photographic charter to Dduallt, which left Porthmagog Harbour at 9.00am in the sunshine, but by the time it passed me, a short way across Porthmadog Cob, cloud had taken over.


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