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Welcome to LOCOMOTIVE PERFORMANCE, a Railway Enthusiasts site dealing with Train Timing and Locomotive Performance during the period 1954 to 2002. It includes the final years of BR Steam, the early Diesel and Electric era, Main Line Steam, and the final years of Loco hauled services. Preserved Lines, including Narrow Gauge, also feature. Plus details of "Spotting Trips" and "Shed bashes" mainly from the 1950's and 1960's.

PERFORMANCE: BR STEAM 1954-1967 25 pages, classified by route or area, and 383 performance logs. The start was a North Wales Land Cruise in 1954, and the end an A4/Castle railtour over the Settle & Carlisle line in 1967.

PERFORMANCE: MAIN LINE STEAM  10 pages, classified by route or area, and 150 performance logs, mainly from the 1980's.

PERFORMANCE: MODERN TRACTION:  19 pages, mainly classified by locomotive type,  including 226 Diesel performance logs (16 pages) and 42 Electric performance logs (3 pages). 

PERFORMANCE: PRESERVED & NARROW GAUGE LINES  8 pages and 166 logs, covering 5 Standard Gauge and 3 Narrow Gauge lines.

STEAM PERFORMANCE: REVIEWS  11 pages, classified by loco types, comprising 381 performance logs. Incorporates BR Steam 1954 to 1967, Main Line Steam, and Heritage Railways. 

TRAINSPOTTING:1952 to PRESENT:  21 pages of fully detailed Trainspotting records, 16 pages covering the period 1952 to 1967, and 5 pages covering the years 1988 to 2002.

PHOTO GALLERIES  33 Photo Galleries of Steam, Diesel, and Electrics mainly recent but including some from the 1960's.

ARCHIVES & MISCELLANEOUS  Archive Pages of Performance logs and of Railway journeys.


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Site commenced 12th April 2003, last updated  5th February 2007. 

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