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  Note: All of the information below is taken from books written up in 1955 from the original notebooks. The source documentation no longer exists. So no checking of data has been possible. Punctuality information is based on the Western Region 1955 Summer timetable, with estimates and assumptions made where necessary. I have never possessed any Western Region Working timetables. . And minutes early or minutes late for non stopping services must be treated as approximate only.

7.30-12.20pm..Hauled by 45265 from Birmingham New Street to Bristol Temple Meads on the 6.35am Walsall to Kingswear. At Birmingham 46134 had arrived on an overnight service from Edinburgh, 45592 was on a relief 7.15am Birmingham to Euston, and 44966 was on the 7.40am to Bournemouth West. 45265 was 7 late into Bristol, where 6933 arrived 10.08am on the 6.55am Paignton to Bradford. The Black 5 gave way to a Hall on the Kingswear Service, and the load was increased to 12. Bristol departure was 8 late. Arrival at Exeter was 13 minutes late. 4084 was seen at Taunton. Hauled by 1009 from Exeter St Davids to Dawlish Warren on the 6.40am Leicester to Paignton.

EXETER ST DAVIDS: Saturday 9th July 1955: 12.20pm-1.05pm:
12.21pm 34031 left on 10.30am Ilfracombe-Waterloo (ACE)..5 late
12.28/12.34pm 4920 called on Wolverhampton-Paignton ..11/13 late
12.33/12.37pm 34003 called on Torrington-Waterloo (ACE) (7)..2/4 late
12.37/12.45pm 4037 called on 8.50am Paddington-Paignton  (12)..5/9 late
12.41/12.51pm 34021 called on 11.00am Plymouth-Brighton (10)..4 early/4 late
12.44/12.55pm 1000 called on 7.30am Paddington-Bristol-Paignton (10)..3/11 late
12.51pm 6021 passed on 9.30am Paddington-Newquay
12.58/1.05pm 1009 called on 6.40am Leicester-Paignton (7)..8/6 late
12.24pm 6004 passed on 11.30am Torquay-Paddington
12.31/12.41pm 34049 called on 8.35am Waterloo-Ilfracombe..4 late
12.32pm 6019 passed on 9.14am Truro-Paddington (12)..1 late
12.40pm 7004 passed on the Torbay Express (13)..R time
12.44pm 4945 departed on 12.44pm Exeter-Taunton..R time
12.59/1.06pm 5041 called on 12.15pm Newton Abbot-Paddington..2 late/R time

DAWLISH WARREN: Saturday 9th July 1955: 1.25pm-5.00pm:
2.32pm 5093 passed on 11.00am Paddington-Penzance (14)..9 late
2.43pm 5001 passed on 9.05am Swansea-Kingswear (12) (706)..14 late
2.51pm 70017 passed on 11.05am Paddington-Penzance (14)..2 late
3.26pm 4904 passed on 9.25am Wolverhampton-Paignton (14)..39 late
3.33pm 5011 passed on 8.17am Carmarthen-Penzance (13) (708)..24 late
3.42pm 6912 passed on 8.06pm Sheffield-Kingswear (11) (438)..18 late
3.49pm  5008 pased on 10.35am Wolverhampton-Paignton (9) (827)..5 early
4.01pm 5024 passed on the 12.00pm Torbay Express (13) (146)..41 late
4.05pm  5974 passed on 7.43am Nottingham-Plymouth (12)..68 late
4.17pm 7033 passed on 8.00am Manchester-Penzance (13)..5 late
4.26pm 5079 passed on 1.45pm Bristol-Penzance/Newquay (11) (440)..42 late
4.33pm 4965 passed on 12.05pm Paddington-Plymouth (12) (147)..29 late
4.45pm 6977 passed on 9.05am Birkenhead-Plymouth (12) (384)..11 late
4.52pm 5059 passed on ? Liverpool-Paignton & Penzance (12)..28 late
1.28pm 6000 passed on 10.00am Newquay-Paddington (638)
1.47pm 6025 passed on the Cornish Riviera Express (635)
1.55pm 5053 passed on 12.30pm Paignton-Manchester (594)
2.24pm 6986 & 6946 passed on Additional Paignton-Cardiff
2.39pm 7316 passed Light engine
2.44pm 6959 passed on 1.55pm Paignton-Wolverhampton (567)
3.25pm 6811 passed on 11.10am Penzance-Wolverhampton (675) The Cornishman
3.31pm 7027 passed on 2.40pm Paignton-Paddington (12) (545)
3.48pm 4958 passed on 2.50pm Paignton-Wolverhampton (9) (587)..6 late
4.06pm 6994 passed on 3.05pm Paignton-Wolverhampton (12) (587)..5 late
4.12pm 6013 passed on 12.30pm Newquay-Paddington (12) (645)
4.23/4.25pm 34069 called on 2.30pm Plymouth-Exeter St Davids (4)..1 late
5.02pm  70021 passed on 12.00pm Penzance-Manchester (13) (665)..4 late

DAWLISH WARREN: Sunday 10th July 1955:
The following trains were noted during the day: 4075 on a down Manchester to Plymouth at 10.13. 6996 on the 9.00am Taunton to Newton Abbot, 5008 on the 8.45am Pymouth to Manchester, 82009 on the 10.10am Newton Abbot to Exeter, 5053 on the down Devonian, 2866 on a down Feight, 6010 on the 3.30pm from Paddington, and 6322 on an evening up local, comprising SR coaches. (This was a day on the beach)

DAWLISH  & NEWTON ABBOT AREAS: Monday 11th July 1955:
At Dawlish, 5053 passed 11.24am on the 7.55am Camborne to Bristol (12) and  82034 left 11.35am on the 11.10am Exeter to Kinsgwear (6). 

At Aller Junction, the down Torbay Express passed at 3.37pm, with 7004, and at 3.40pm, 4406 followed on a 21 wagon freight. At 3.41pm 5011 headed for Plymouth on Empty stock. Later, 1427 passed heading for Newton Abbot returning from Brixham branch duty. 

STARCROSS and NEWTON POPPLEFORD: Tuesday 12th July 1955:
At Starcross, 1028 passed at 12.39pm on the 7.55am Penzance to Swansea, and in the evening, 4136 passed on an up Van train at 8.21pm.

At Newton Poppleford, 82019 was noted at 7.43pm on an Exmouth to Tipton St Johns working.

EXETER to PLYMOUTH (WR) & RETURN (SR): Wednesday 13th July 1955:
12.30-12.50pm..At Exeter St Davids, a down Southern Freight passed at 12.32pm behind 2-6-2T no 82017. 5028 called 12.38/12.41 on the up Torbay Express, and at 12.35pm, 2826 left Riverside yard on a down Freight. The Plymouth to Brighton service called 12.42/12.48pm with 34069. At 12.50pm, 1015 arrived on the 7.55am Penzance to Swansea (TC Paignton to Cardiff). 6019 arrived 13 late at 12.46pm on the 9.30am Paddington to Newquay (8)  
12.50-2.15pm..Hauled by 6019 from Exeter St Davids to Plymouth North Road on the 9.30am Paddington to Newquay. The locomotive succeeded in acheiving the impossible. It dropped time with a mere 8 coach load on both the Exeter to Newton Abbot and Newton Abbot to Plymouth schedules, of 28 and 52 minutes respectively, both generous. 14 mph at Dainton, and 19 mph on Rattery!  Truly appalling , without doubt my most abysmal King experience. 

6873 was seen at Dawlish Warren on the 11.15am Plymouth to Taunton, 70021 was at Newton Abbot on the 12.15pm from Kingswear, the Torbay line portion of the Cornishman. In the yards were 6934, 4098, and 5079. 5196 was the Dainton banker. 6010 was on the 12.05pm Plymouth (TC Newquay) to Paddington, 20 mins late. 7010 was seen at Plympton on the 11.00am Penzance to Paddington. Outside Laira shed were 7809, 7031, 5058, 1012, and 6003, and 3186 and 8719 were in Tavistock Junction yards. 6824 took over the 9.30am from Paddinton.

2.15-4.35pm..Hauled by 34049 Plymouth North Road to Exeter St Davids on the 2.15pm Plymouth Friary to Waterloo through coaches. With load 3 to Okehampton, and 4 beyond, there was no interest in the running. Back at Exeter, 70022 was seen on the 9.00am Manchester to Plymouth, 4.08pm. The 3.15pm Heathfield branch train had 1451, 34038 called 4.12/4.18pm on the Brighton to Plymouth service. The 2.20pm Ilfracombe portion of the Waterloo service called 4.17/4.22pm with 34059, and 34062 was on the 3 coach 4.21pm Exeter Central to Torrington.

 At Exeter Central (after a trip "up the hill" behind 34059), 35010 took over the 4.30pm to Waterloo, which included the "Three Plovers" Tavern car. 34003 arrived light at Exeter Central to work the 1.00pm from Waterloo, which arrived at 4.38pm, 3 early, behind 34056 (Tavern Car the "Jolly Tar"). 31610 departed on the 4.35pm Salisbury and Portsmouth slow, and 31833 was in the freight yard. 30044 shunted the dining portion off the 1.00pm from Waterloo. 

4.35-8.15pm..Hauled by M7 0-4-4T no 30676 Exeter Central to Exmouth, and then by 82019 (BR 2-6-2T) from Exmouth to Tipton St Johns. A change of train to a service from Sidmouth with another M7, no 30023, for the short run onwards to Sidmouth Junction. Here, 35017 called on the 5.53pm Exeter Central to Waterloo. And to complete an M7 trio, I then caught a stopper from Honiton for the run back to Exeter Central. The loco was 30671.

At Exeter Central were 34015, 34060, 82011, 82017, 30044, 30671, and a solitary O2 0-4-4T, no 30193.

At Exeter St Davids, 1451 arrived from Heathfield at 7.31pm, 6814 arrived 7.33pm  on the 6.20pm from Taunton. An up Freight arrived in he Riverside yard at 7.37pm with 6951. N class 31831 called 7.39/7.48pm on a Freight from Padstow, attaching a pilot, 32124, and a banker, 32135. 5067 arrived 7.49pm on the 6.07pm Plymouth to Bristol, and 34035 arrived 7.53pm on a Plymouth Friary to Feltham Freight.

I returned to Dawlish Warren with 70021 on the 11.55am Manchester to Plymouth (still sporting a Cornishman headboard from an earlier working)

DAWLISH WARREN: Thursday 14th July 1955: 3.10pm-6.15pm:
3.18pm 5028 passed on the 12.00pm Torbay Express (10) (146)..4 late
3.34pm 5058 passed on 11.30am Paddington-Penzance (12) (144)..9 late
3.42pm 1014 passed on 11.10am Swansea to Penzance (9) 3 late
3.56pm 7820 passed on Freight (47+b)
4.25pm 70022 passed on 9.00am Manchester to Plymouth (12)..6 late
4.33pm 5920 passed on Freight (Iron Ore empties)
4.46/4.47pm 7813 called on 4.15pm Exeter to Newton Abbot (5)..7 late
3.13pm 4086 passed on 11.00am Penzance to Paddington (7)..2 late
3.50/3.51pm 6900 called on 1.50pm Kingswear-Weston (4)..R time
4.00pm 2875 passed on Up Freight
4.23/4.24pm 34069 called on 2.15pm Plymouth to Exeter St Davids (5)..R time
4.55pm 4970 & 70020 passed on 12.00pm Penzance to Manchester (6+5v)..4 early
5.09pm 5351 passed on Vans (3v)
5.32pm 6010 passed on 1.20pm Penzance to Paddington (12)..10 late
6.03pm 7031 passed on an Ocean Liner Express (11)
5.58/6.09pm 70017 called on 4.33pm Kingswear to Exeter St Davids (5)..9/19 late
6.13/6.14pm 34002 called on 4.32pm Plymouth to Exeter St Davids (5)..R time

DAWLISH WARREN: Friday 15th July 1955: 11.30am-3.55pm:
11.30/11.31am 5066 called on 1.10am Exeter to Kingswear (5+3v)..3 late
11.37am 73028 passed on Vans & Milk (2m+1v+b
11.46am 6008 passed Light Engine (Loco failed on 10.30am Paddington 13/7/55)
12.00/12.01pm 34069 called on 11.35am Exeter to Kingswear (6)..1 late
12.10pm 2839 passed on Freight
12.19pm Unidentified 93xx passed on Freight (46+b)
12.33pm 6867 & 5919 passed on 7.30am Paddington to Paignton (8+2v)..1 late
1.06pm 4086 & 6907 passed on 9.30am Paddington to Newquay (8)..14 late
1.21/1.30pm Unidentified Hall 49xx called on 1.00pm Exeter to Newton Abbot (?)
1.27pm 6013 passed on the Cornish Riviera Express (10)..3 early
3.15pm 7004 passed on the Torbay Express (10)..1 late
3.32pm 5044 passed on 11.30am Paddington to Penzance (11)..6 late
3.39pm 5948 & 5011 passed on 11.10am Swansea to Penzance (11)..6 late
11.36am 6829 passed on 7.55am Camborne to Brstol (11)..13 late
11.58am 4088 passed on 7.30am Penzance to Manchester (13)..16 late
12.14pm 5053 passed on 11.05am Paignton to York (10)..9 late 
12.26pm 5028 passed on the Torbay Express (10)..5 late
12.36pm 1015 passed on 7.55am Penzance to Swansea (9)..3 late
12.47pm 6825 passed on Freight (28+b)
12.59/1.01pm 6821 called on 11.15am Plymouth to Taunton (6)..1 late
1.04/1.07pm 4988 called Light Engine (platform road)
1.24pm 6026 passed on 10.00am Newquay to Paddington (11)..14 late
1.35pm 6004 passed on the Cornish Riviera Express (12)..1 late
2.39/2.40pm 82034 called on 1.10pm Kingswear to Exeter (6+g)
3.05pm Unidentified Castle passed on 1.50pm Kingswear to Paddington (8)..3 late
3.12pm 6017 passed on 11.00am Penzance to Paddington (11)..R time
3.50/3.52pm 5027 called on 1.50pm Kinswear to Exeter (4)..1 late 

DAWLISH WARREN: Saturday 16th July 1955: 11.25am-4.05pm:
11.29am 7910 passed on 7.00am Paddington to Kingswear (13)..49 late
11.35am Unidentified Hall passed on 7.40am Paddington to Paignton (?)..34 late
11.42am 5921 passed on 8.10am Newport to Paignton (12) (703)..31 late
11.47am 5986 passed on 7.00am Birmingham S Hill to Penzance (12) (810)..27 late
12.03pm 1015 & 6998 passed on 8.05am Cardiff to Kingswear (13)..(704) 28 late
12.11pm 5060 passed on 8.10am Paddington to Paignton (14)..(110) 18 late
12.16pm 70020 passed on 7.25am Ealing Broawday to Penzance (8)..30 late
12.30pm 6017 passed on 8.25am Paddington to Penzance (14)..(114) 14 late
12.33pm 6990 passed on 7.30am Birmingham Moor St to Paignton (9)..(812) 19 late
12.40pm 6827 passed on Relief to Walsall to Kingswear (7) (428)
12.51pm 70017 passed on 8.50am Paddington to Paignton (14)..(117) 5 late
1.00pm 5923 passed on 6.35am Walsall to Kingswear (11)..(430) 37 late
1.07pm 6942 passed on 6.55am Wolverhampton to Paignton (815) (12)..33 late
1.13pm 7024 passed on 9.30am Paddington to Newquay (13) (122)..R time
1.21pm 5096 passed on 7.30am Paddington to Kingswear (10) (107)..17 late
1.33/1.38pm 4949 & 4080 called on 6.40am Leicester to Paignton (10)..(433) 18 late
1.45pm 5918 passed on 9.40am Paddington to Paignton (12) (125)..26 late
1.51pm 5082 passed on 10.20am Paddington to Kingswear (11)..(128) 16 late
2.05pm 6004 passed on the Cornish Riviera Express (14)..(130) 19 late
2.10pm 6000 passed on 10.35am Paddington to Penzance (14)..(131) 18 late
2.37pm 6330 passed on Relief to Swansea to Kingswear (706) (11)
2.42pm 70018 passed on ? 10.40am Paddington to ? Paignton (14)
2.48pm 6837 passed on 9.05am Swansea to Kingswear (13)..(705) 19 late
2.53pm 1012 passed on 11.05am Paddington to Penzance (13)..(140) 4 late
3.00pm 5003 passed on 9.10am Wolverhampton to Paignton (8)..(855) 15 late
3.06pm 4701 passed on 7.43am Nottingham to Plymouth (13)..8 late
3.15pm 6903 passed on ? Wolverhampton to Penzance (13)..(435) 49 late
3.21pm 70022 passed on ? Carmarthen to Penzance (14)..13 late
3.35pm 5028 passed on the Torbay Express (13)..R time
3.49pm 5071 passed on 8.06am Sheffield to Kingswear (11)..(438) 22 late
3.54pm 5031 passed on ? Wolverhampton to Paignton (?)..1 late
11.25am 5087 passed on 7.50am Newquay to Manchester (13) (273)..3 late
11.43am 5970 passed on 8.10am Newquay to Newcastle (12) (573)
11.49am 5924 passed on 10.55am Paignton to Nottingham (10) (573)..3 late
11.55am 6821 passed on 7.30am Penzance to Wolverhampton (11) (672)..5 late
12.00pm 5990 passed on 11.30am Torquay to Paddingtton (11) (525)..R time
12.10pm 6027 passed on 8.15am Perranporth to Paddington (12) (610)
12.23pm 7027 passed on 8.35am Falmouth to Paddington (12) (615)..5 late
12.30pm 7004 passed on the Torbay Express (13) (520)..R time
12.46pm 5006 passed on 12.15pm Newton Abbot to Paddington (13) (529)..4 late
12.53pm 70023 passed on 11.15am Plymouth to Paddington (14) (620)..3 late
12.59pm 4955 passed on 12.05pm Paignton to Cardiff (10)..7 late
1.04pm 70021 passed on 8.20am Penzance to Paddington (12) (625)..2 late
1.10pm 6026 passed on 9.20am St Ives to Paddington (12) (630)..4 late
1.30pm 7033 passed on 10.00am Newquay to Paddington (15) (638)
1.41pm 5967 passed on 12.30pm Paignton to Manchester (11) (594)..7 late
 1.47pm 6010 passed on the Cornish Riviera Express (14)
1.59/2.03pm 4098 called on the 12.15pm Kingswear to Wolverhampton (11) ..11 late
2.11pm 6951 passed on 1.30pm Paignton to Paddington (12) (530)
2.18pm 5094 passed on 10.05am Penzance to Liverpool (10+v) (285)..3 late
2.24pm 5985 passed on 1.55pm Torquay to Paddington (13) (540) R time
2.29pm 1009 passed on 11.00am Newquay to York (12) (685)..13 late
2.36pm 5098 & ?Hall passed on 1.55pm Paignton to Wolverhampton (13)..1 late
2.49pm 7010 passed on 10.20am Penzance to Cardiff (12)..10 late
3.08pm 4090 passed on 1.35pm Newquay to Wolverhampton (12)
3.23pm 5073 passed on 1.40pm Kingswear to Paddington (12) (535)..22 late 
3.28pm 1028 passed on 2.25pm Paignton to Sheffield (12) (583)..21 late
3.33pm 6964 passed on 10.35am Penzance to Wolverhampton (11) (675)
3.41pm 1005 passed. Details not known (14)
3.47pm Unidentified King passed on 12.30pm Newquay to Paddington (11) (640)
3.54pm 1000 passed on 2.55pm Paignton to Wolverhampton (9) (577)..9 late
4.09pm 6021 passed on 11.50am Penzance to Paddington (12) (645)