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Note: All of the information below is taken from books written up in 1955 from the original notebooks. The source documentation no longer exists. So no checking of data has been possible. Punctuality information is based on the Western Region 1955 Summer timetable, with estimates and assumptions made where necessary. I have never possessed any Western Region Working timetables. . And minutes early or minutes late for non stopping services must be treated as approximate only.

  DAWLISH WARREN: Sunday 17th July 1955:
11.05-12.45pm..6301 passed 11.08am on the 9.49am Taunton to Paignton (11). At 11.23am a down Freight passed with 5924. 4090 passed at 11.43am on the 13 coach 10.20am Plymouth to Paddington. 70017 was on the Up Torbay Express at 12.32pm, and 82004 called 12.33/12.35pm on the 11.55am Exeter to Kingswear, followed at 12.41pm by 6973 on a down excursion for Goodrington Sands.

DAWLISH WARREN & STARCROSS: Monday 18th July 1955:
10.50-12.15pm..At 10.53am, 75028 left Dawlish Warren loop an up Freight (38+b). At Starcross, 4150 called 10.51/10.52 on the 9.40am Taunton to Paignton. 1005 passed 11.09am on the 5.30am Paddington to Plymouth, via Bristol, load 8, and at 11.10am, 6000 passed on the 7.30am Truro to Paddington, with 9 coaches. Still at Starcross, 82002 passed on the 11.10am Exeter to  Kingswear (6) at 11.28am. 5924 passed on the 12 coach 7.55am Camborne to Bristol at 11.29am. 34031 called 11.52/11.53 on the 11.35am Exeter to Kingswear. The 7.30am Penzance to Manchester passed at 11.54 with 7019 on 13 coaches. An up Light Engine, 2814, followed at 11.58am. And finally, at 12.12pm, 5059 passed on the 11.05am Paignton to York (10)

DAWLISH WARREN: Tuesday 19th July 1955: 10.25am-4.50pm:
10.42/10.43am 5025 called on 10.10am Exeter to Newton Abbot (7)..8 late
10.55am 4949 passed on9.40am Taunton to Paignton (9)..1 late
11.15am 70021 passed on 5.30am Paddington to Penzance (7+3v)..5 late
11.30/11.32am 82034 called on 11.10am Exeter to Kingswear (6)..4 late
11.37/11.42am 73022 checked on down Freight (3+b)
12.01/12.03pm 34033 called on 11.35am Exeter to Kingswear (6)..3 late
12.13pm Unidentified 43xx 2-6-0 passed on down Freight
12.49pm 7901 passed on 7.30am Paddington to Paignton (10)..16 late
1.02pm 70022 passed on 9.30am Paddington to Newquay (8)..10 late
1.30pm 6027 passed on 10.30am Cornish Riviera Express (10)..3 late
1.23/1.33pm 5003 called on 1.00pm Exeter to Newton Abbot (4)..3 late
1.43pm 6869 pased on down Freight (30+b)
2.10pm 5082 passed on 8.15am Nottingham to Paignton (10)..11 late
2.25pm 5071 passed on the Cornishman (8)..7 late
2.34pm 5920 passed on TC Wolverhampton to Kinswear (5)..5 late
2.48/2.50pm 5157 called on 2.30pm Exeter to Newton Abbot (4)..3 late
3.25pm 5053 passed on the Torbay Express (10)..10 late
3.40pm 70018 passed on 11.30am Paddington to Penzance (12)..15 late
3.46pm 7902 passed on 11.10am Swansea to Penzance (9)..7 late
4.28pm 70022 passed on 9.00am Manchester to Plymouth (12)..9 late
4.46pm 6822 passed on 4.15pm Exeter to Kingswear (6)..6 late
10.27am 70022 passed on the 9.15am Devonian (11)..15 late
10.37/10.39am 5003 called on 9.20am Kingswear to Exeter (4)..3 late
10.49am 6938 passed Light Engine
11.11am 6009 passed on 7.30am Truro to Paddington (10)..7 late
11.49am  ? passed on 7.30am Penzance to Manchester (?)..8 late
12.01/12.02pm Unidentified Hall called on 11.05am Paignton to York (10)..4 late
12.27pm 5059 passed onthe Torbay Express (10)..5 late
12.11/12.39pm Unidentified Hall looped on up Freight
12.36pm 5096 passed on 7.55am Penzance to Swansea (9)..4 late
12.57/1.16pm 7909 called on 11.15am Plymouth to Taunton (6)
1.14pm 6010 passed on 10.00am Newquay to Paddington (8)
1.34pm 6024 passed on 10.00am Cornish Riviera Express (12)
1.51pm 5967 passed on 12.15pm Paignton to Wolverhampton (5+v)..5 late
1.58pm 5967 passed on Empty Stock (labelled Penzance) (9)
2.09pm 1021 passed on 10.30am Cornishman (8)..3 late
2.27pm 5048 passed on 10.05am Penzance to Liverpool (7+2v)..5 late
2.39/2.41pm 6822 called on 2.15pm Newton Abbot to Exeter (6)..5 late
3.10pm 82034 passed on 1.50pm Kingswear to Paddington (5)..11 late
3.15pm 4082 passed on 11.00am Penzance to Paddington (7)..4 late
3.55/3.57pm 5025 called on 3.28pm Newton Abbot to Weston (5+g)..6 late
4.25/4.27pm 34033 called on 2.15pm Plymouth to Exeter (5)..3 late

  DAWLISH WARREN & KINGSWEAR: Thursday 21st July 1955:
11.00-1.15pm..Hauled by 5078 Dawlish (dep 11.18am) to Newton Abbot (arr 11.35am)  on the 5.30am Paddington to Penzance via Bristol. Then hauled by 82004 from Newton Abbot (dep 11.58am) to Kingswear (arr 12.48pm) on the 6 coach 11.10am Exeter to Kingswear Locos seen at Newton Abbot were 70016, 5053, 5098, 7919 (Pilot for 5.30am ex Paddington), 6813, 6821, and 6829. 82034 was seen at Aller Junction on the 11.35am TC Paignton to Cardiff. 5076 was at Paignton, and at Churston we crossed 4098 on the 12.15pm Kingswear to Wolverhampton. 7812 left Kingswear on time on the 1.10pm to Newton Abbot.
3.40-6.40pm..5362 arrived Kingswear 3.44pm (3 late) on the through coaches off the Cornishman, and 7033 arrived 4.10pm (On time) on the Torbay Express. Hauled by 5021 Kingswear (dep 4.35pm) to Dawlish Warren (arr 5.57pm) on the 4.33pm Kingswear to Exeter. 1427 was at Churston on the Brixham branch train, and 6912 was at Paignton on an up Freight. 7812 was in Torre yard. Back at Dawlish Warren, 34059 was on the 4.32pm Plymouth to Exeter, and 34033 on the 5.50pm Exeter to Newton Abbot. 5053 passed Dawlish Warren 9 late at 6.37pm on the down Devonian. 

DAWLISH & DAWLISH WARREN: Friday 22nd July 1955: 11.30am-1.45pm:
11.30-1.45pm..The 11.10am Exeter to Kingswear left Dawlish 11.37am (4 late) with 6938 on 6 coaches. A Crewe to Tavistock Junction freight passed 11.45am with 4262. 34054 left Dawlish 12.08pm (1 late) on the 11.35am Exeter to Kingswear, 6027 passed 12.53pm on the 9.30am Paddington to Newquay, 2 late. 5920 waited at Dawlish Warren from 1.22pm to 1.30pm on the 1.00pm Exeter to Newton Abbot, while 6010 passed at 1.27pm on the down 10.30am Cornish Riviera Express. A relief 10.35am Paddington followed at 1.44pm with 6022.  
11.30-1.45pm7027 departed Dawlish 11.33am on a Relief Penzance to Paddington service. 4992 passed at 11.40am (18 late) on the 7.55am Camborne to Bristol. 6988 passed at 11.49am (11 late) on the 7.30am Penzance to Manchester. 5053 was on the 11.05am Paignton to York, dep 11.58am, and an unidentified 2-6-0 passed at 12.05pm. 75026, on the 11.15am Plymouth to Exeter, arrived Dawlish Warren 12.59pm, on time, but was held for the 10.00am Newquay to Paddington, 70016, to get ahead. 75026 left at 1.12pm. The up Cornish Riviera Express passed at 1.34pm with 6008.

DAWLISH WARREN & EXETER: Saturday 23rd July 1955:
10.40-11.12am..At DAWLISH WARREN: 6912 passed 10.44am on the 9.45am Churston to Paddington (1), 6970 passed 10.48am on the 7.05am Swindon to Penzance, 4956 was on the 7.00am Paddington to Kingswear (13) at 10.54am, 4084 was on the 10.15am Teignmouth to Bradford (10) also at 10.54am, 7905 passed 10.58am on the 9.05am Kingswear to Swansea, and 4082 passed 11.03am on the 6.55am Paddington to Penzance.

Hauled by 6829 from Dawlish Warren to Exeter St Davids on the 7.40am St Austell to Bristol, dep 11.12am (23 late)

 EXETER ST DAVIDS: Saturday 23rd July 1955: 11.30am-2.15pm: 
11.28/11.33am 34026 called on 10.00am Mortehoe to Waterloo..Banked 32697..5 late
11.40/11.55am 75021 called on 8.05am Cardiff to Kingswear (13) (704)..36 late
11.44/11.57am 34021 called on 8.30am Padstow to Waterloo..Banked 32695) (10)..12 late
11.52am 6833 passed on 7.00am Wolverhampton to Penzance (12) (810)..48 late
11.59am 1011 passed on 8.10am Paddington to Paignton (12) (110)..17 late
12.02/12.11pm 34038 called on 9.50am Plymouth Fr to Portsmouth..Bkd 32697 (8)..10 late
12.05/12.16pm 5904 called on 7.25am Ealing Broadway to Penzance (11)..43 late
12.13/12.36pm 34024 called on 10.00am Ilfracombe to W'loo (11)..Bk 30374 32695..20 late
12.19/12.24pm 5003 called on ? Birmingham Moor St to Penzance (12) (816)..28 late
12.27/12.34pm 7824 called on Relief to ? Walsall to Kingswear (13) (428)
12.30/12.41pm 70021 called on 8.25am Paddington to Penzance (13) (114) Unbooked stop
12.45/12.50pm 34058 called on 10.48am Torrington to Waterloo (9)..14/17 late
12.48/12.52pm 5907 called on ? Wolverhampton to Paignton (12) (812) Unbooked stop
12.55/1.00pm 4701 called on 6.35am Walsall to Kingswear (14) (430)..50 late
12.58/1.05pm 34001 called on 11.00am Plymouth Fr to Brighton (11)..Bkd 30374..18 late
1.05/1.10pm 1005 called on 8.50am Paddington to Paignton (13) (117)..37 late
1.13/1.18pm 6914 called on 6.55am Wolverhampton to Paignton (13) (815)..57 late
1.15/1.23pm 34027 called on 11.30am Ilfracombe to Waterloo (9) (B 32695)..5 late
1.22/1.27pm 5064 called on 7.30am Paddington to Kingswear (10) (107)..43 late
1.25pm 6990 passed on 9.30am Paddington to Newquay (13) (122)
1.30/1.40pm 31844 called on 11.45am Bude to Waterloo (7)..Banked 32697..7 late
1.48pm 2230 arrived on 12.15pm Taunton to Exeter (5+G)..28 late
1.51/1.59pm 34004 called on 12.00pm Ilfracombe to Waterloo (11)..Banked 32695..13L
1.55pm 4962 passed on 9.40am Paddington to Paignton (12) (125)
1.59pm 1429 arrived from Dulverton branch (2)
2.03/2.14pm 31848+34030 called on 11.00am Padstow to Waterloo (12) ?Banked..10 late
11.32am ?Hall passed on 10.00am Torquay to Birmingham (9) (527)
11.32/11.38am 41306+34014 called on 7.33am Waterloo to Bude/Padstow (11)..16 late
11.37/11.44am 6860 called on 10.10am Paignton to Cardiff (11)..19 late
11.50/12.02pm 5079 called on 10.35am Torquay to Paddington (14) (515) ?Unbooked stop
11.54/12.00pm 5065 called on 7.50am Newquay to Manchester (14)..18 late
11.59/12.17pm 34059 called on 7.38am Waterloo to Ilfracombe (10)..43 late
12.08pm 6965 passed on 10.30am Paignton to Wolverhampton (11) (537)
12.13pm 6908 passed on 8.15am Newquay to Newcastle (14) (683)
12.22pm 4988 passed on 10.20am Kingswear to Manchester (13)
12.24/12.27pm 34035+T9+N called on 11.39am Exeter Central to Ilfracombe (5+6v)..42 late
12.26pm 6814 passed on 7.30am Penzance to Wolverhampton (14)
12.30/12.39pm 5094 called on 10.58am Paignton to Nottingham (12) (573)..29 late
12.38/12.45pm 31836 called on 8.22am Waterloo to Ilfracombe..30 late
12.38/12.48pm  5053 made unscheduled stop on 11.30am Torquay to Paddington (12) (525)
12.43pm 6009 passed on 8.15am Perranporth to Paddington (12) (610)
12.53pm 6008 passed on 8.35am Falmouth to Paddington (12) (615)
12.57/1.00pm 34051 called on 8.35am Waterloo to Ilfracombe (9)..29 late
1.07pm 75026 departed on 12.44pm Exeter St Davids to Taunton (4)..23 late
1.09/1.19pm 4077 called on 12.15pm Newton Abbot to Paddington (13)..13 late
1.13pm 5041 passed on the Torbay Express (13)
1.16/1.23pm 34060 called on 9.03am Portsmouth to Plymouth Friary (9)..21 late
1.18pm 4098 passed on 12.15pm Plymouth to Paddington (13)
1.22/1.27pm 6974 called  on 12.05pm Paignton to Cardiff (11) (590)..15 late
1.29/1.39pm 5098 called on 8.20am Penzance to Paddington (12) (625)..14 late
1.34pm 6003 passed on 9.20am St Ives to Paddington (12) (630)
1.39/1.45pm 34002 called on 8.54am Waterloo to Ilfracombe (5)..28 late
1.48/1.55pm 34025 called on 8.54am Waterloo to Plymouth (5)..25 late
1.50pm 6025 passed on 10.00am Newquay to Paddington (15)
1.52pm 1449 departed on 1.43pm Exeter St Davids to Dulverton (2)..9 late
  EXETER CENTRAL: Saturday 23rd July 1955: 2.30pm-7.10pm:
2..30pm  30044 departed on 2.20pm Exeter Central to Exmouth (7)..10 late
2.36pm 34032 arrived on 11.35am Plymouth to Waterloo (?)..18 late
2.44pm  34028 departed on 11.35am Plymouth to Waterloo (10)..14 late
2.51pm  31833 srrived on 12.45pm Torrington to Waterloo (7)..1 late
3.00pm  82024 departed on 2.55pm Exeter Central to Exmouth (7)..5 late
3.03pm  30744 departed on 12.45pm Torrington to Waterloo (7)..7 late
3.27pm  30846 departed on 3.25pm Exeter Central to Templecombe (6)..2 late
3.51pm ? departed on 3.45pm Exeter Central to Exmouth (6)..6 late
3.58pm 34003 arrived on 1.45pm Ilfracombe to Waterloo (?)..R time
4.52pm  31610 departed on 4.35pm Exeter Central to Portsmouth (v+3)..17 late
5.56pm 34056 arrived on 3.50pm Plymouth Friary to Waterloo (?)..8 late
6.04pm 35018 departed on 3.50pm Plymouth to Waterloo (10+3v)..8 late
6.51pm ? departed on 6.45pm Exeter Central to Exmouth (7)..6 late
6.55pm 35021 departed on Exeter to Clapham Junction Milk )5m+4v+5c)
7.03pm 34002 arrived on 4.48pm Ilfracombe to Exeter Central (?)..R time
2.50pm 35021+34044 arrived on 11.15am Waterloo to Plymouth (13)..11 late
2.53pm 41297 arrived on 2.15pm Exmouth to Exeter Central (7)..11 late
2.58pm 34021 departed on 11.15am Waterloo to Plymouth (10)..14 late
3.09pm 31610 arrived on 2.08pm Axminster to Exeter Central (3)..1 late
3.42pm 30044 arrived on 2.53pm Exmouth to Exeter Central (7)..22 late
3.51pm 35017 arrived on 12.00pm Waterloo to Ilfracombe (13)..21 late
3.58pm 34058 departed on 12.00pm Waterloo to Ilfracombe (13)..22 late
4.35/4.39pm 34031 called on 11.30am Brighton to Plymouth (?)..28 late
4.58pm 35004 arrived on 1.00pm Waterloo to Plymouth (?)..17 late
6.02pm 30842 arrived on 3.05pm Salisbury to Exeter Central (?)..3 early
6.15pm ? arrived on 5.45pm Exmouth to Exeter Central (7)..2 late
6.45pm 34022 arrived on 3.00pm Waterloo to Plymouth/Ilfracombe (?)..14 late
6.51pm ? departed on 3.00pm Waterloo to Plymouth (?)..16 late
6.54pm 30670 arrived on 6.20pm Exmouth to Exeter Central (7)..7 late
7.01pm 34003 departed on 3.00pm Waterloo to Ilfracombe (?)..11 late
7.06pm 31844 arrived on down Freight (25+b)

EXETER & LYME REGIS: Sunday 24th July 1955:
10.35-12.00pm..At Exeter Central, trains seen were: 34058 on the 10.38am Exeter Central to Plymouth Friary, 7+v, on time. 34025 arrived 10.49am (2 late) on 8.20am Plymouth to Waterloo (5). 34054 took over and departed for Waterloo at 11.00am (8+v..R time). 34003 arrived 11.12am on 9.05am Ilfracombe to Exeter Central (3..R time). An unidentified 82xxx 2-6-2T left for Exmouth at 11.20am. 41297 arrived from Exmouth at 11.31am (8+v, 1 early). 34021 arrived 11.46 (2 late) on 10.00am Ilfracombe to Waterloo (11), and 34051 took over the 11.00 Ilfracombe to Waterloo (13), departing 11.52am (2 late) 
12.00-4.45pm..Hauled by 35023 Holland Afrika line from Exeter Central to Axminster on the 12.00pm service, 10.30am Plymouth & 9.45am Bude, that included portions for Waterloo and Portsmouth & Southsea. Load was 14, we were 5 minutes late from Exeter and 1 late into Axminster. Then hauled by 30583 (4-4-2T) from Axminster to Lyme Regis on the 1.00pm service. The return from Axminster was at 2.50pm. Finally back to Exeter on the 1.40pm stopping service from Salisbury to Exeter Central, due off Axminster 3.43pm. Hauled Axminster to Exeter Central by 34027 Taw Valley. Departure was 14 late, all of which was pulled back by Exeter. 

10.15-1.50pm..Hauled by 34033 Exeter Central to Waterloo on 10.15am service from Exeter Central, on the 8.10am MFO Ilfracombe to Waterloo.

Hauled by 45709 Euston to Birmingham New Street on the 2.20pm Euston to Wolverhampton.

No records survive of what was seen en route.


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