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BIRMINGHAM & LEAMINGTON: 27th July 1955: 10.00am-1.20pm:
Hauled by 5047 Birmingham SH to Leamington on 6.30am Birkenhead-Paddington (10)
Hauled by 6001 Leamington to Birmingham SH on 11.10am Paddington- Birkenhead (9)
No further information available.

BIRMINGHAM & LEAMINGTON: 15th August 1955: 4.00pm-6.40pm:
Hauled by 7001 Birmingham SH to Leamington on up Cambrian Coast Express (8) 
Hauled by 5047 Leamington to Birmingham SH on 4.10pm Paddington to Birkenhead (12+v)
No further information available.

BIRMINGHAM & STRATFORD: 25th August 1955: 12.25pm-2.10pm:
Hauled by Railcar no W20 Birmingham SH to Stratford on 12.27pm Birmingham to Cardiff
Hauled by 6903 Stratford to Birmingham Snow Hill on 9.35am Swansea to Birmingham (7)
No further information available

BIRMINGHAM & GLOUCESTER: 7th September 1955: 11.30am-3.00pm:
Hauled by 45685 Birmingham NS to Gloucester Eastgate on the 7.30am Bradford to Bristol 
Hauled by 45663 Gloucester Eastgate to Birmingham NS on the 8.45am Paignton to Bradford
61406 arrived Birmingham 11.25am (12 late) on the Cleethorpes service, Austin ADA no 11 was at Longbridge, 47502 and 47425 on banking duty at Bromsgrove, and 31639 was in Cheltenham yards. (probably working south on the 3.25pm Cheltenham to Eastleigh freight).

STOURBRIDGE JC & TENBURY WELLS: Wed 5th October 1955: 1.45-4.50pm
Hauled by 6992 Stourbridge Junction to Kidderminster on 12.45pm Birmingham SH to Cardiff 
Hauled by Railcar W32 on 2.00pm Kidderminster to Tenbury Wells & 3.05pm return
Hauled by 7912 Kidderminster to Stourbridge Junction on 1.30pm Cardiff to Birmingham SH
4148 was at Bewdley on the 2.24pm Severn Valley line service. At Tenbury Wells, 4553 arrived 2.50pm on Pick-up Goods from Wooferton (3.15 ex Wooferton), and 6332 was in the yards.

Hauled by 6014 from Birmingham SH to Leamington on the 7.30am Shrewsbury to Paddington 
Hauled by 41285 from Leamington Spa Avenue to Rugby  on the 10.37am Push-Pull service
At Leamington, 4079 was seen on the 9.20am Birmingham Snow Hill to Oxford. 48610 was on a Freight at Dunchurch.

At Rugby Midland, 44829 & 46164 passed on the Comet, the 9.45am Euston to Manchester (14), at 11.08am, 4 late. 48398, 45050, 45044, 13053, & 13169 were in Rugby North Yards  46114 called 11.20/11.24am on an Up Manchester to Euston. The down 10.00am Royal Scot, 46237 (14), called 11.27/11.31am..7 late.

Hauled by 46237 from Rugby to Crewe on the 10.00am Euston to Glasgow, the Royal Scot.
70016 was at Stafford at 12.19pm on the 11.25am Birmingham to Glasgow. 73018 was on a down Freight at Great Bridgeford, and 45128 on another at Standon Bridge.
At Crewe, 46118 was seen on a Windermere to Euston service, departing on time at 1.00pm. In Basford Wood yards, and outside Crewe South shed, were 45561, 90679, 47670, 45525, 47523, 47184, 58271, 13173, and 12013. At Basford Wood, 45128 and 48263 passed on Northbound Freights.
Hauled by 45567 from Crewe to Stafford on the 11.40am Liverpool  to Rugby/Birmingham.
Hauled by 45670 from Stafford to Birmingham NS on the 11.40am ex Liverpool.
46154 was seen at Stafford, 1.47/1.49pm, on the 10.50am Euston to Blackpool/Holyhead. Also at Stafford were 42603, 42347, 42322 and NCB 2. 45688 was at Wolverhampton, 42789 at Coseley, and 46426 at Spon Lane. 

82007 was in Stourbridge Junction yards (Shrewsbury Pilot), 1.00pm, 4092 worked the 12.25pm Wolverhamton to Worcester (3), 5986 passed on a Northbound Freight at 12.55pm.

Hauled by 4092 Stourbridge Junction to Worcester Shrub Hill (3)..3 late at Worcester. 7700 and 8106 were in Hartlebury Yard, and 2833 in Cutnall Green loop on a Freight.

On Worcester (85A) Shed were 5931, 5560, 5040 (9.45am Paddington), 9466, 82030, 6867, 6930, 42816, 2845, 73032, 4147, 1418, and 5322.

At Worcester Shrub Hill, 45238 called on the Southbound Devonian (9) R time. 2.10/2.16pm. 5081 called 2.10/2.21pm on 11.45am Paddington to Hereford (8/5)..5 early/R time. The 2.35pm to Wolverhampton had 8105 (4)..3 late, 44855 & 40932 arrived on 1.50pm from Gloucester Eastgate 3 late. The Pilot was removed and 40932 took the train forward to Birmingham New Street at 3.06pm, 9 late.

Hauled by 40932 Worcester Shrub Hill to Birmingham New Street.

7312 was at Droitwich Spa, 61144 outside Bourneville shed (for 4.40pm New Street to Cleethorpes, and 43013 at Church Road.

STOURBRIDGE JC & BIRMINGHAM: 14th December 1955: 12.55-3.30pm:
At STOURBRIDGE JUNCTION, 82008 departed 12.55pm on 11.45am Birmingham to Kidderminster, 25 late. 4079 called 12.58/1.00pm on 12.25pm Wolverhampton to Worcester(3)..1 late. 6971 called 1.03/1.04 on the 9.50am Cardiff to Birmingham (5)..R time. 82031, 13112, & 13113 were in Stourbridge yards. 

Hauled by 6971 from Stourbridge Junction to Birmingham Snow Hill.

At BIRMINGHAM SNOW HILL, 6005 called 1.35/1.39 (9)..18 late, on 11.10am Paddington to Birkenhead. 5966 arrived on 11.30am from Oxford (TC from Paddington) at 1.30pm..30 late.A quick visit to BIRMINGHAM NEW STREET to see the 2.30pm departure to Euston (1.55pm Wolverhampton) with 46142. 40426 & 73046 brought in stock for a Children's excursion. 

 Back at Snow Hill,4100 departed on 2.45pm to Kidderminster, 40426 & 73046 brought in stock for a Children's excursion.

 Hauled by 4100 from Birmingham Snow Hill to Stourbridge Junction on the 2.45pm Snow Hill to Kidderminster. 

 90466 was seen on a Freight at Winson Green, 7705 was in Old Hill yard, 2877 was on a northbound Freight at Lye, banked by 6682.

BIRMINGHAM & RUGBY: 28th December 1955: 2.30-4.15pm:
Hauled by 45625 Birmingham New Street to Rugby Midland

Hauled by 44714 from Rugby Midland to Birmingham New Street 

At BIRMINGHAM NEW STREET, 45737 departed 2.20pm on Wolverhampton to Euston Relief (11). 45625 worked the 1.55pm Wolverhampton to Euston, dep 2.31pm (10)..1 late.

In Rugby yards were 45510 on Down Freight, 45735 on Up Freight, &13054.


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