Whitsun at Eastleigh..1960 (1)

    DAY 1: SATURDAY 4TH JUNE 1960: 
  An early morning drive down from the Midlands, and by 7.00am, my father, my brother, and myself were standing in Basingstoke shed, permission to visit having already been granted. It was the start of our Whit weekend trainspotting and train travelling  holiday.
    BASINGSTOKE SHED: 7.00am:  
34009 Lyme Regis 73114 Etarre
34047 Callington
30763 Sir Bors de Ganis 4908 Broome Hall
30765 Sir Gareth 5900 Hinderon Hall
30905 Tonbridge 6817 Gwenddwr Grange
  75068 (BR Std 4MT 4-6-0)  
  30833, 30837, 30838, 30840 (S15 class 4-6-0)
  30368 (700 class 0-6-0) 32505 (E4 class 0-6-2T) D3104 (Diesel Shunter) 
  BASINGSTOKE STATION: 7.00am to 11.05am:  
7.05/7.07: 30862 Lord Collingwood called on the 6.04am Southampton Term-Waterloo (10)
7.59/8.01: 34048 Crediton called on the 6.45am Salisbury to Waterloo
8.08/8.10: 30861 Lord Anson called on the 7.03am Southampton Term to Waterloo (6)
8.25: 30905 Tonbridge departed on the 8.24am Basingstoke-Waterloo (10)
8:44/8.46: 35006 Peninsular & Oriental called on the 7.49am Salisbury-Waterloo
9.01/9.03: 30904 Lancing called on the 6.22am Bournemouth W-Waterloo (v+5)
9.12: 35028 Clan Line passed on the 7.20am Bournemouth W-Waterloo (12)
9.13/9.15: 35019 French Line CGT called on the 6.30am Exeter Central-Waterloo (6)
9.18: 30827 passed on Up Freight from Basingstoke Yard (56+b)
9.40/9.42: 30781 Sir Aglovale called on 7.30am Portsmouth-Reading (4)
9.52: 34010 Sidmouth passed on the 8.14am Bournemouth W-Waterloo (10)
10.00: 35002 Union Castle passed on the 7.34am Weymouth-Waterloo, Royal Wessex (12)
9.59/10.01: 30798 Sir Hectimere called on the 8.46am Salisbury-Waterloo (3v+5)
10.20: 35009 Shaw Savill passed on the 7.30am Exeter Central-Waterloo (12)
10.46: 34047 Callington departed on the 10.45am Basingstoke-Waterloo (12)
10.55/10.56: 34045 Ottery St Mary called on the 8.35am Bournemouth W-Waterloo (v+10)
10.59: 35024 East Asiatic Company passed on the 9.22am Bournemouth W-Waterloo (12)

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7.27/7.34: 30911 Dover called on the 6.50am Reading-Southampton Term
8.16/8.18: 31803 called on the 7.32am Woking-Southampton Term
8.44/8.48: 30913 Christs Hospital called on the 7.20am Waterloo-Salisbury
8.54: 6129 arrived on the 8.24am Reading-Basingstoke
8.57: 34044 Woolacombe passed on a Relief Waterloo-Bournemouth 
9.07: 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair passed on the 8.20am Waterloo-Bournemouth W (11)
9.20: 34006 Bude passed on a Relief Waterloo-Bournemouth (11+v)
9.29: 73086 The Green Knight arrived on the 8.45am Woking-Basingstoke (8)
9.30/9.38: 5943 Elmdon Hall called on a Pressed Steel Co Portsmouth Excursion (10)
9.38: 73112 Morgan le Fay passed on the 8.30am Waterloo-Weymouth (10)
9.46/9.53: 7919 Runter Hall called on the 9.10am Reading-Portsmouth (7+v)
10.02: 73119 Elaine passed on down Empty Stock for Southampton (2P+2v)
10.03/10.05: 34013 called on the 9.00am Waterloo-West of England (13)
10.10/10.12: 73081 Excalibur called on a Relief Waterloo-Ilfracombe (10+3v)
10.15: 73118 King Leodegrance passed 10.15 on a Relief Waterloo-Bournemouth (10)
10.36/10.38: 73083 Pendragon called on the 9.30am Waterloo-Bournemouth W (12)
10.36: 73113 Lyonesse passed on a Waterloo-Southampton Docks Boat train (11+2v)
11.01: 30908 Westminster arrived on a Freight (Reading line) (8+b)
A drive to Eastleigh, arrange lodgings, and by 1.25pm we were on Eastleigh station.
  EASTLEIGH STATION: 1.25pm to 2.30pm:  
1.28: 35011 General Steam Navigation passed on the 11.30am Weymouth-Waterloo (13)
1.51: 30763 Sir Bors de Ganis departed on a Pigeon special (15v)
2.11: 73081 Excalibur  passed on up Empty Stock (Romsey line) (10)
2.27/2.29: 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair called on the 1.01pm Bournemouth-Waterloo (v+11)

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1.44: 35017 Belgian Marine passed on the 12.30pm Bournemouth Belle (12P)
1.53: 30858 Lord Duncan passed on the 12.35pm Waterloo-Bournemouth W (12)
2.00: 35027 Port Line departed on the 2.00pm Eastleigh-Bournemouth W (4+v)
Other locomotives seen at Eastleigh were: 30777 Sir Lamiel, 30781 Sir Aglovale, 30806, 30517, 76015, 76062, 30306, 30375, 82012, and 15225.
I then went journeying. I had 3 runs on Bullied Pacifics. Eastleigh to Basingstoke on 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair, Basingstoke to Christchurch on 34043 Combe Martin, and Christchurch back to Eastleigh on 35027 Port Line.
35002 Union Castle: 2.50pm Winchester Jc on 1.30pm Waterloo-Weymouth
34045 Ottery St Mary: 3.17pm Basingstoke on Relief Waterloo-Bournemouth
34043 Combe Martin: 3.42pm Basingstoke on 9.20am Birkenhead-Bournemouth
34006 Bude: 5.26pm Christchurch on Relief Bournemouth-Waterloo
35027 Port Line: 5.31pm Christchurch on 5.10pm Bournemouth W-Waterloo
30058: 5.54pm Brockenhurst on Lymington branch train
76058: 6.00pm near Brockenhurst on down passenger.
76013 and 31620: 6.10pm at Southampton Central.
35005 Canadian Pacific: 6.10pm Southampton on 4.35pm down Royal Wessex.
30782 Sir Brian, 30476, 30806, 31803: Eastleigh yards 6.25pm.
34071 601 Squadron: 6.42pm at Eastleigh on down Normandy Express boat train.
    SHAWFORD (OTTERBOURNE): 7.55pm to 9.25pm:  
7.59pm: 75006 passed on Up Freight.
8.14pm: 5943 Elmdon Hall passed on Return Pressed Steel Excursion from Portsmouth (10)
8.30pm: 30770 Sir Prianus passed on 7.30pm Portsmouth-Reading (v+6)
8.44pm: 73113 Lyonnesse passed on Up Kensington Parcels (11v)
8.51pm: 31791 passed on Pigeons for Doncaster (11v)
9.13pm: 73112 Morgan le Fay passed on 6.30pm Weymouth-Waterloo (5+3v)
9.17pm: 30502 passed on Up Freight (37+b)

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8.09pm: 30501 passed on 7.00pm Reading-Southampton Terminus (7)
8.38pm: 30852 Sir Walter Raleigh passed on down Southampton Docks Boat train (10+3v)
8.49pm: 76009 passed Light engine
9.09pm: 35009 Shaw Savill passed on 7.30pm Waterloo-Bournemouth West (11+v)
9.24pm: 30496 passed Down Freight 
And that ended Day 1, which had started with our departure from the Midlands at 4am.

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