Locomotive Performance

Review: Nelsons Arthurs & Schools

It was not until 1956 that I had my first run on a Maunsell locomotive. Very quickly they became firm favourites, particularly the Schools class. But with no less than 140 Bulleid pacifics available, the Nelsons and Arthurs were relegated to the less arduous duties. The Schools, of course, had the Hastings line duties to themselves. But that would end in 1958 with the introduction of Multiple Units. 

Below are a selection of my runs during that period, together with runs from the 1980's, when 850 Lord Nelson, and 777 Sir Lamiel, performed with distinction on the Main line. 


4th July 1956: 30863 Lord Rodney: Brockenhurst to Winchester City on the 5.05pm Bournemouth West to Waterloo semi fast service [view log of 30863]

10th July 1956: 30850 Lord Nelson: Bournemouth Central to New Milton on the 5.05pm Bournemouth West to Waterloo semi fast service [view log of 30850]

22nd September 1962: 30861 Lord Anson: Exeter Central to Salisbury on the SCTS South Western Railtour [view log of 30861] 
27th December 1980: 850 Lord Nelson: Carnforth to Seascale on a SLOA Santa Steam Special  [view log of 850]
13th June 1981: 850 Lord Nelson: Chester to Hereford and return to Chester, standing in for 46229  on the Cathedrals Pullman SLOA railtour [view log of 850]
4th August1982: Carnforth to Leeds on the White Rose railtour  [view log of 850]
28th July 1982: Carnforth to Maryport on the Cumbrian Coast Express, on one of the few occasions when it was extended from Sellafield to Maryport  [view log of 850]
14th September 1983: 850 Lord Nelson: Carlisle to Garsdale on the Southbound Cumbrian Mountain Express [view log of 850]
26th August 1985: 850 Lord Nelson: Maryport to Carnforth on the Southbound Cumbrian Coast Express [view log of 850]

7th July 1956: 30742 Camelot (Urie Arthur): New Milton to Basingstoke on the Saturday 9.30am Bournemouth Central to Wolverhampton [view log of 30742] 

21st April 1957: 30794 Sir Ector de Maris: Ashford to London Bridge on the Sunday 2.36pm Margate to Charing Cross, via Dover. 30794 came on at Ashford, replacing a Standard class 4  4-6-0:  [view log of 30794]

6th June 1960: 30788 Sir Urre of the Mount: Southampton to Basingstoke on the 4.07pm Fridays only service from Southampton Central to Waterloo [view log of 30788]
15th July 1961: 30770 Sir Prianius: Portsmouth & Southsea to Basingstoke on the Saturday 1.11pm Portsmouth Harbour to Birmingham Moor Street [view log of 30770]
2nd September 1962: 30770 Sir Prianius: Eastleigh to Waterloo on the final section of the SCTS South Western Limited  [view log of 30770]
18th September 1982: 777 Sir Lamiel: Hull to Scarborough on the SLOA Yorkshire Pullman. A splendid climb from Bridlington up to Speeton summit  [view log of 777]
4th December 1982: 777 Sir Lamiel: Carlisle to Garsdale on the Southbound SLOA Cumbrian Mountain Pullman. 34 mph at Ais Gill summit with 450 tons  [view log of 777]
29th December 1982: 777 Sir Lamiel: Leeds to Hull on the HLPG Santa Steam Pullman. And an unexpected 84mph at South Milford  [view log of 777]
12th April 1986: 777 Sir Lamiel: Stratford to Marylebone on the Shakespeare Express. Brisk work on a 9 coach train  [view log of 777]
11th May 1986: 777 Sir Lamiel: Stratford to Marylebone on the heavy Shakespeare Limited Luncheon Express [view log of 777]
   SCHOOLS CLASS 4-4-0  

22nd June 1955: 30924 Haileybury: Deal to Dover and Ashford on the 2.42pm Margate to Cannon Street via Redhill:   [view log of 30924]

1st April 1956: 30939 Leatherhead: Hastings to Tonbridge on the 8 coach 4.50pm (Sunday) Hastings to Charing Cross  [view log of 30939]

2nd April 1956: 30900 Eton: Sevenoaks to Crowhurst on the 9.25am Charing Cross to Hastings [view log of 30900]

2nd April 1956: 30904 Lancing: Crowhurst to Sevenoaks on the 11.10am Hastings to Charing Cross [view log of 30904]
3rd April 1956: 30934 St Lawrence: Tonbridge to Ashford on the 9.15am Charing Cross to Folkestone and Ramsgate  [view log of 30934]
21st April 1957: 30928 Stowe: London Bridge to Ashford on the Sunday 11.12am Charing Cross to Margate, a service that had pick up stops at New Cross, Hither Green and Orpington, but did not stop at Sevenoaks [view log of 30928]
22nd April 1957: 30900 Eton: West St Leonards to Waterloo East on the 11.10am Hastings to Charing Cross [view log of 30900]
8th August 1959: 30911 Dover: Waterloo to Southampton on the Saturday 12.00pm Waterloo to Lymington, which had an 87 minute schedule [view log of 30911]
8th August 1959: 30902 Wellington: Southampton to Waterloo on the Saturday 1.28pm Lymington Pier to Waterloo [view log of 30902]
22nd August 1959: 30919 Harrow: Waterloo to Southampton on the 12.00pm Saturday Waterloo to Lymington Pier. The locomotive was still in black livery and was destined to be the first Schools to be withdrawn (in January 1961)  [view log of 30919]
5th May 1985: A footplate ride on 928 Stowe on the Bluebell Railway [view log of 928]
14th September 1991: 30926 Repton on the Great Central Railway [view log of 30926]

15th May 1994: 30926 Repton on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway [view log of 30926]

12th April 2003: 30926 Repton (as 30925 Cheltenham)  on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway. This was the first public train to arrive at the reinstated Cheltenham Racecourse station [view log of 30926]

THE LORD NELSON HIGHLIGHTS were,  30861 on 22/9/1962, a fast run from Exeter to Salisbury on what was, in effect, a Nelson farewell railtour. And in 1980's, splendid performances from 850 in 1981 from Chester to Hereford and back, with 54 mph northbound over Church Stretton summit. Excellent running on the Cumbrian Coast line in 1980, 1982, and 1985. And a superb climb to Ais Gill summit in 1983.

THE KING ARTHUR HIGHLIGHTS were 30770 and 30788 on the Bournemouth line in 1961 and 1962. And in the 1980's, 777 climbing Bridlington bank, coming down from Micklefield at 84 mph, and a splendid climb to Ais Gill. And 777 subsequently performed good work out of Marylebone. 

THE SCHOOLS HIGHLIGHTS were, the consistent running on the Hastings line in 1956 and 1957, a nice run on 30934 from Tonbridge to Ashford in 1956. And the running, in 1959, of 30902, 30911, and 30919 on the 1959 Saturday Lymington services to and from Waterloo. 

RECOMMENDED READING: (1) THE ARTHURS NELSONS AND SCHOOLS OF THE SOUTHERN (S C Townroe-1973 Ian Allan)  (2) THE LOCOMOTIVES OF R E L MAUNSELL (O S Nock-1954 Edward Everard) (3) THE SCHOOLS 4-4-0's (D W Winkworth-1982 George Allen & Unwin) (4) THE SOUTHERN KING ARTHUR FAMILY (O S Nock-1976 David & Charles)