Locomotive Performance

Review: LNER Locomotives

In BR Steam days, my Eastern runs were few and far between. I managed a number of northbound journeys out of Marylebone and Kings Cross, as an alternative way of returning to Birmingham from either London business trips or whilst returning from family holidays in the south or south west. A 1959 holiday at Butlins at Filey, and a trainspotting weekend in York in 1960, added a few more runs to my list, as did a few subsequent railtours.

Then from 1979 onwards there was main line steam, though so far as LNER locomotives were concerned, it usually meant two A4's (4498 and 60009) an A3 (4472) and a K1 2-6-0 (2005).

But it was a different matter on several of the Heritage lines, where there was an increasing variety of ex LNER medium, small sized, and freight  locomotives, which had to work hard on such lines as the North Yorkshire Moors, the East Lancashire, and Great Central lines. So on this page you will also find details and logs of many journeys on the less glamorous, but in my view, equally interesting, locomotives from the lower divisions. And of course, I have my own favourite, the N7 0-6-2T no 69621, which visited several Heritage lines in the early 1990's, always performing well, and always "quick off the mark".

    A4  4-6-2 CLASS  
27th March 1957: 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley: Kings Cross to Peterborough on the 2.00pm Kings Cross to Edinburgh and Perth, the "Heart of Midlothian" [view log of 60007]
24th October 1960: 60015 Quicksilver: Darlington to York on the 9.55am service from Newcastle to Kings Cross  [view log of 60015]
1st October 1967: 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley: Peterborough to Leeds and Carlisle on a A4 Locomotive Society railtour  [view log of 4498]
2nd August 1979: 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley: Carnforth to Ravenglass on the northbound Cumbrian Coast Express  [view log of 4498]
3rd May 1980: 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley: Carnforth to Hellifield and Manchester on a "Rocket 150" railtour  [view log of 4498]
29th November 1980: 60009 Union of South Africa: Edinburgh to Dundee on the "Forth and Tay Express" [view log of 60009]
13th February 1982: 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley: Hellifield to Carnforth on the bottom leg of the SLOA Cumbrian Mountain Express [view log of 4498]
10th March 1984: 60009 Union of South Africa : Ayr to Dumfries on the "Sou Wester Express"  [view log of 60009]

31st March 1984: 60009 Union of South Africa : Carlisle to Hellifield on the Southbound Cumbrian Mountain Express [view log of 60009]

28th April 1984: 60009 Union of South Africa : Hellifield to Appleby on the Northbound Cumbrian Mountain Express, The steam locomotive was replaced at Appleby by diesel power in view of fire risk problems. [view log of 60009]

    A3  4-6-2 CLASS  
8th March 1958: 60050 Persimmon: Kings Cross to Grantham on the "Northumbrian", the  12.30pm Kings Cross to Newcastle  [view log of 60050]
24th October 1960: 60036 Colombo: York to Darlington on the 9.15am Leeds to Edinburgh and Glasgow, the "North Briton" [view log of 60036]
6th June 1964: 60051 Blink Bonny: Leeds to Kings Cross on the final section of the L.C.G.B "North Briton" railtour, and finished the day in style  [view log of 60051]
16th August 1964: 4472 Flying Scotsman: Gloucester to Swindon, Eastleigh then Oxford and back to the Midlands on a Warwickshire Railway Society  railtour  [view log of 4472]
4th September 1965: 4472 Flying Scotsman: Leeds to Shap Carlisle & Leeds on another Warwickshire Railway Society tour "The Pennine Railtour"  [view log of 4472]
6th September 1979: 4472 Flying Scotsman: Carnforth to Ravenglass on the northbound Cumbrian Coast Express [view log of 4472]
26th April 1980:  4472 Flying Scotsman: Carnforth to Hellifield on the Leander Limited railtour [view log of 4472]
12th November 1983: 4472 Flying Scotsman: Ayr to Dumfries on the southbound section of the SLOA Sou' Wester Express  [view log of 4472]
3rd March 1984: 4472 Flying Scotsman: Hellifield to Carnforth on the bottom leg of the southbound SLOA Cumbrian Mountain Express  [view log of 4472]
    A1 & A2  4-6-2 CLASSES 
4th September 1965: Class A1 60145 St Mungo: Saltley to Sheffield on the Warwickshire Railway Society Pennine Limited railtour. The A1 worked as far as Leeds, and worked the evening return leg from there to Birmingham  [view log of 60145]
11th December 1965: Class A2 60528 Tudor Minstrel: Carlisle to Edinburgh via the Waverley route on the Warwickshire Railway Society Waverley railtour  [view log of 60528]
29th May 2000: Class A2 60532 Blue Peter: Chester to Hereford and Bristol Parkway on Pathfinder Tours Severn and Dee borderer  [view log of 60532]
    V2  2-6-2 CLASS 

13th July 1956: 60820 Marylebone to Rugby Central on the 6.18pm Marylebone to Sheffield, the Master Cutler. This train took the High Wycombe Joint route from London  [view log of 60820] 

11th July 1959: 60918 Milford Junction to York and Scarborough on the 8.20am Kings Norton to Scarborough Saturday service, taking over from a Black 5 at Milford Junction  [view log of 60918]

18th July 1959: 60975 Filey Camp to Gascoigne Wood, via Market Weighton and Selby,  on the 9.20am Saturday service to Kings Norton  [view log of 60975]
6th June 1964: 60923 Leeds to Carlisle Shap and Leeds on the L.C.G.B "North Briton Railtour. We took the Settle & Carlisle route, but went round the avoiding curve at Carlisle and headed back to Leeds via Shap, the Ingleton line, and Skipton [view log of 60923]
5th May 1980: 4771 Green Arrow: Sellafield to Carnforth.  The tour was named the "Royal Wessex", and the advertised motive power was Schools class 4-4-0 no 925 Cheltenham outwards, and 850 Lord Nelson on the return. In the event we got a Compound plus Leander double header northbound, and Green arrow on the return [view log of 4771]
26th May 1986: 4771 Green Arrow: Manchester Victoria to Leeds and York on a SLOA tour. This was the return leg, outwards was via Sheffield and the Hope Valley  [view log of 4771]
    B1 & B12 4-6-0 CLASSES  
6th September 1957: B1 class no 61088 Marylebone to Rugby Central, via Aylesbury, on the 3.20pm Marylebone to Manchester  [view log of 61088]
27th June 1964: B1 class no 61394 Gloucester Eastgate to Worcester Shrub Hill on the 8.07pm stopper from Gloucester Eastgate to Birmingham New Street  [view log of 61394]
25th July 1987: B1 class no 1306 on the Great Central Railway [view log of 1306]
27th January 2001: B1 class no 61264 on the Great Central Railway [view log of 61264]
27th December 1997: Class B12 no 8572 on the Great Central Railway [view log of 8572] and 19th September 1998 on the Severn Valley Railway [view log of 8572]
    K1 & K4  2-6-0 CLASSES  

7th November 1981: Class K1 no 2005 Carnforth to Leeds on the Trans Pennine Pullman  [view log of 2005]

14th November 1981: Class K1 no 2005 Leeds to Carnforth on the return Trans Pennine Pullman [view log of 2005]

22nd January 1983: Class K1 no 2005 Middlesborough to Newcastle and Carlisle on the N.E.L.P.G "Northumbrian Pullman", which continued with the K1 southwards over the Settle and Carlisle line [view log of 2005]

5th October 1986: Class K no 2005 on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway [view log of 2005] and 24th April 1993 on the Worth Valley Railway [view log of 2005]
18th April 1989: K4 class 2-6-0 no 3442 The Great Marquess on it's inaugural working on the Severn Valley Railway [view log of 3442] and 3rd June 1995 on the Nene Valley Railway [view log of 3442]
    GCR 04  2-8-0 CLASS & NER Q6 & Q7 0-8-0 CLASSES  
19th July 1982: Class Q6 0-8-0 no 2238 on the North Yorkshire Moors Rly [view log of 2238]  18th May 1991: Class Q7 0-8-0 no 901 on the North Yorkshire Moors Rly [view log of 901] & 4th June 2000: Class O4 2-8-0 no 63601 on the Great Central Railway [view log of 63601]
   J39 & J27  0-6-0 CLASSES  
8th March 1958: Class J39 0-6-0 no 64716 Grantham to Derby Friargate on the 3.00pm service, which travelled via Nottingham Central  [view log of 64716]
19th May 1991: Class J27 0-6-0 no 2392 on the North Yorkshire Moors Rly [view log of 2392] and 13th June 1992 on the Llangollen Railway [view log of 2392] 
    D11 DIRECTOR & D49 4-4-0 CLASS  
18th April 1981: Class D49 no 246 Morayshire on the Fair Maid, a railtour which commenced at Falkirk, and continued via the Forth Bridge to Kirkcaldy, Ladybank, Perth, Dundee, Springfield, Thornton Junction, Dunfermline, the Forth Bridge again, then back to Falkirk. The tour was organised by the Scottish Railways Preservation Group [view log of 246]
25th July 1987: Class D11 no 506 Butler Henderson on the Great Central Railway. The loco is part of the National Collection, and has since returned to the National Railway  Museum at York [view log of 506]
    N2 & N7  0-6-2T CLASSES  
7th April 1981: Class N2 0-6-2T no 4744 on the Great Central Railway [view log of 4744] and also on 25th July 1987 on the Great Central Railway as 69523  [view log of 69523]
11th May 1991: Class N7 0-6-2T no 69621 on the East Lancs Railway [view log of 69621] and on 6th March 1993 on the Nene Valley Railway [view log of 69621] and also on 25th September 1993 on the Severn Valley Railway [view log of 69621]
HIGHLIGHTS: The highlights from the above are (1) A excellent B1 run with 61088  from Marylebone to Rugby Central in 1957 (2) Two pleasant journeys out of and into Kings Cross with A3 pacifics nos 60050 and 60051, in 1957 and 1964 respectively (3) Two interesting 1959 runs in East Yorkshire in 1959 with V2's.

Then in the Main Line Steam era from 1979 onwards (1) A splendid run on A4 pacific 60009 from Edinburgh to Dundee in 1980 (2) 60009 again, this time in 1984, northbound on the Settle & Carlisle in 1984 (3) A number of journeys with K1 2-6-0 no 2005, which was always pleasant to travel behind, even though it was often overloaded (4) The Easter 1981 "Fair Maid" tour of the Scottish Lowlands with D49 Morayshire, possibly my most enjoyable railtour ever.

And on the Heritage lines (1) Q7 class 0-8-0 no 901 climbing to Goathland on the North York Moors line (2) the inaugural run of K4 2-6-0 The Great Marquess, on the Severn Valley Railway (3) the N2 0-6-2T no 69523 working 7 to 9 coach trains on Great Central line (4) the swift accelerations of N7 0-6-2T on all the lines upon which the loco worked. 

Disappointments. Well yes, one or two. (1) The consistently poor, though noisy, running of 4472 Flying Scotsman throughout the period 1979 to the mid 1980's (2) The A4 4-6-2 no 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley, though always totally reliable and on top of the job, was rarely, if ever, extended (3) The fact that I have never travelled behind either the K1 or the  B1 on the West Highland line. 

RECOMMENDED READING: (1) THE GRESLEY PACIFICS pts 1 & 2 (O S Nock-David & Charles) (2) THE LNER 2-8-2 and 2-6-2 CLASSES (John F Clay & J Cliffe-1973 Ian Allan)  (3) THE LNER 4-6-0 CLASSES (John F Clay & J Cliffe-1975 Ian Allan)